5 December 2012 - The Best Sports Sunglasses for Skiing

It is wintertime, and I am thrilled because I love hitting the slopes for some skiing.  But I am always amazed how many skiers lack good sports sunglasses.  In fact, often I see people wearing no sunglasses at all!  This is amazing, since most ski resorts have a sunglasses store right on the premises.  You would think that would key them in on the fact that wearing sports sunglasses is part of the whole skiing experience and the glare from the snow is seriously damaging to the eyes.

So, ok, fellow skiers, here is what you want to keep in mind...

-First, don't skip durability.  This usually means a good pair of polycarbonate lenses for your sports sunglasses. Nothing ruins a skiing trip faster than having your sunglasses break and explode into a million tiny fragments. Crashing with glass lenses, like in Ray-Ban's, would be a big no-no.

-Also don't forget that as you increase in altitude, the issue of UV exposure increases too!  So you will need polarized sunglasses with at least 95% UV protection.  Polarized sunglasses are also great for reducing glare off of the snow.

-Get sports sunglasses with good peripheral vision. No matter how great of a skier you may be, you want to see those idiots flying by you who may not be looking where they are going!

So keep it safe this skiing season.  You can start with a visit to the sunglasses store.  And don't forget, if your lenses do get damaged, you can hop right over to our site for a quick pair of replacements! 





5 December 2012 - New Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sunglasses & Quicksilver Recycled Skateboard Shades, Sweet!

I am a big fan of all types of sunglasses and sunglasses optics. However, when I learned about some of these new eco-friendly options out there, I was really amazed.

First of all, I love bamboo! This wood not only looks sleek and sophisticated, it is sustainable and green as well. You can now find bamboo options and they come with the same level of quality and polarized lenses.

I also freaked out when I learned about the recycled goods that are being made into sunglasses. These materials go way beyond plastic and include everything from recycled beer bottles to whiskey containers. And the sunglasses optics are first rate as well. One of my favorites sunglasses USA companies is the Diamond Supply Co, which makes their sunglasses out of recycled skateboards! Juicy Couture is even out there making eyewear out of plant-based plastics.



More and more people want eco-friendly sunglasses, but they also expect to have top-notch polarized lenses and sunglasses optics. This new breed of company delivers!

Of course, if you really want to be eco-friendly, don't throw your sunglasses away if the lenses become scratched or damaged. Otherwise, they will just live out the rest of their days in a landfill somewhere! Instead, pop over to our shop and simply order some new polarized lenses. We have you and your needs covered. We'll help reduce your carbon footprint and make us all happy :)