25 February 2014 - Winter Games means hitting the slopes with sunglasses to block all that glare

The winter games in Sochi are the first ever for Russia and we think they have put on a pretty great show! Nothing gets a crowd going like watching amazing skills on the slopes. You can always be guaranteed of spills and thrills of any of the sports in the Winter Olympics.

The weather has been relatively kind to athletes and spectators alike and with the warm sunshine reflecting of the beautiful white snow, and snow and sunshine mean one thing, major glare! So it’s time to pull out those sunglasses. At high altitude UV rays are much stronger so it’s important to keep your eyes protected. Sunglasses and goggles can also provide good protection for your eyes from the snow and wind as you fly down the slopes.

Not only will you need to take sunglasses but you might want to consider what type of lenses you need. Rose colored lenses increase visibility on cloudy days and can improve contrast. Yellow or Orange lenses also increase visibility on cloudy days and can improve depth perception. Mirrored lenses and great for reducing brightness on sunny days and Grey lenses reduce glare and brightness. Amber or Brown lenses reduce glare and brighten your vision on cloudy or overcast days.

Many people might be saying, but hey, I love my polarized lenses. And so do we, but although they are great at reducing glare in most situations, they may have little effect on reducing glare from light rays scattered in random directions by the irregular surface of snow. You might want to test this for yourself.

So next time you head for the slopes, not only should you have the best skis and the warmest clothes, but make sure you protect your eyes with the best in sunglasses.

Sun protection while skiing is important and olympians at the winter games now this

14 February 2014 - What You Should Know About Your Sunglass Lenses

What You Should Know About Your Sunglass LensesI advise a lot of customers who are interested in replacement lenses for sunglasses, but I'm continually surprised by how little most of them know about the lenses they're ordering. When you make the decision to replace sunglass lenses, there are so many ways to customize your choice. Here, well look at the five major decisions you need to make when replacing sunglass lenses. The more you know about your options, the better able you'll be to pick the right ones.

UV Protection

Sunglasses aren't just meant to look great. They're really there to protect your eyes. UV rays can cause sunburn, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even vision loss. When you pick out replacement lenses for sunglasses, make sure they offer 98-100% UV protection. Without it, your eyes might be in real danger.


Replacement polarized lenses reduce glare, making them ideal for outdoor athletes, drivers, and fishermen. Because they have horizontally oriented filters, they are able to prevent horizontally oriented light from passing through. If it's time for you to consider sunglass lens replacement, polarized lenses might be a great choice. Just make sure they aren't used for nighttime driving or downhill skiing.

Optical Quality

The optical quality of a lens determines how sharp and free of distortion your vision will be. Sports lenses tend to have higher optical quality than fashion lenses, a factor that could be important if you're planning to wear your sunglasses for activities like target shooting or hunting.

Lens Color

Most lenses are gray or brown, but you can also buy replacement lenses for sunglasses in shades of green, yellow, or rose. Green lenses are ideal for general purpose use and outdoor activities, brown lenses improve contrast and are great for helping wearers to judge distance, yellow lenses add clarity in fog, haze or low light, blue and purple lenses improve perception of contours, gray lenses reduce glare, and pink lenses enhance visual depth and reduce eye strain.

Finding the right replacement lenses for your lifestyle can make all the difference in the world for your vision, both now and in the future. Before you order, think about the factors that could change the way you see.

1 February 2014 - What Are Polarized Lenses Good For?

What are polarized lenses anyway? Its a question many are left asking. Some are under the impression that they block UV rays. Others are sure that they filter out all harmful light. A more accurate description is that polarized lenses simply reduce the appearance of glare. If you're getting ready to buy a new pair of sunglasses or replacement sunglass lenses, they're certainly worth consideration. Let's look at why!

What Are Polarized Lenses, and How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized lenses make use of horizontally-oriented filters to prevent horizontally-oriented light, commonly seen as glare, from reaching your eyes.

What Are Polarized Lenses Good For?

There are four major health benefits associated with polarized replacement lenses.

  1. Safety.On sunny days, objects in the distance often appear hazy, and nearby vehicles reflect almost blinding light. Polarized lenses eliminate those effects by blocking reflections, improving eye comfort and allowing you to drive with full eye function. Roadways and water sources are major causes of glare, often posing elements of danger to drivers already struggling with vision. Those with already sensitive eyes are even more likely to experience difficulty as a result of glare, sometimes even developing migraines.

  2. Water sports.Polarized lenses are favorites of aquatic sport enthusiasts, since polarization makes it easier to see into the water. Without polarized lenses, light reflects off the water's surface, but with their help, underwater visibility is vastly improved.

  3. Reduction of eyestrain.Glare is a major culprit of extensive eye strain, but can easily be mitigated with polarized lenses. Squinting to gain vision clarity puts stress on the eyes, sometimes causing redness, irritation, fatigue, or headaches. Polarization can neutralize these problems, helping eyes to feel more comfortable and well-rested.

  4. Stronger vision.Wearers of replacement polarized lenses report better perception of color and images, since they are able to perceive images crisply and clearly in any environment.
Is Replacing Sunglass Lenses with Polarized Lenses Always a Good Idea?

No. Polarized lenses can actually be dangerous in certain circumstances. For example, if you're driving at night, flying a plane, downhill skiing, or viewing an LCD screen, polarization could actually harm your perception. Still, they provide excellent clarity and vision quality in most circumstances for most people. Ask your optician if polarized lenses are a good choice for you.

1 February 2014 - Where Can I Fix My Sunglasses?

Opticians are asked all the time, "Where can I fix my sunglasses?" Sure, there are plenty of options, but there's only one that we recommend every time: self-installed aftermarket lenses. In fact, I've recommended it so often that I thought it was high time that I turned it into fine literature. The fruits of my labor? This fabulous little composition I have affectionately titled,"Where Can I Fix My Sunglasses?"

"Where can I fix my sunglasses?"
She called out in despair,
When she opened up her satchel clasp,
And found her scratched up pair.

"Where can I fix my sunglasses?"
She mumbled with a moan.
Her poor, destroyed old Oakleys
Lost a battle with her phone.

I couldn't stand to listen
To her sad, besotted cries
And responded to her question,
Just to pacify her sighs.

"Where can you fix scratched sunglasses?
You really want to know?
Why you can replace Oakley lenses
Anywhere you go!

Sunglass lens replacement
In a buggy, on a train!
Oakley lens replacement
In the sun or in the rain!"

Her sniffles, they subsided
As she looked up at my face.
"I really can replace my lens
In any given space?

Please, tell me more!
I didn't know, I never did consider
That I could have replacement lenses
To my door delivered!

Designer lenses surely cost
Much more than I can pay!
Please tell me there's an option.
There must be a better way!"

"Aftermarket lenses are the secret,"
I replied.
"The ultimate solution
For the problem you've just spied.

They're inexpensive, which is great,
(You'll save a little cash)
And often better qual'ty,
Than the fancy ones you scratched.

Just measure up your old ones
Across the widest part
And order up some new ones
To repair your broken heart.

Then in a week, or maybe two
A package will arrive,
With brand new Oakley lenses
Wrapped up carefully inside.

It's down to you, my weepy friend,
To make the final switch.
But don't you worry, don't despair
It goes without a hitch.

I see here that you've plastic frames.
That sure will make it harder,
But it's a challenge you can meet
With soap and warm-ish water.

Just give your shades a little bath,
To help the frames get loose.
Then dry them off and give the lens
A gentle little push

It should pop out, though it may take
A little bit of time,
And then you're halfway there!"
I responded with a rhyme.

"The next part's easy,"
I went on, by way of explanation.
"The brand new lenses pop right in
Without too much frustration."

"Well, that's amazing! That's the best!"
She then exclaimed with glee
And left my office smiling.
Could a happier person be?

"Just carrying out my duty,"
I said to the empty room
And winked a wink like Kent himself
That would make Lois swoon.

I don't possess Thor's hammer
Or fly like Superman,
But sunglass lens replacement?
Well that, I super can!