16 September 2013 - Oakley Sunglasses Worn By Worlds Top Triathletes

The ITU World Triathlon Marathon is holding it©s next competition on August 24th and 25th in Stockholm, Sweden. The triathlon is one intense competition and being ready for it means an incredible amount of training but it also means the right eyewear. Eyewear manufacturers such as Oakley have realized that the world©s best triathletes need the best sunglass lenses and sunglasses due to all the time they spend outdoors. This is clearly part of the reason that Oakley has chosen to sponsor one of the world©s best triathletes, Javier Gomez Noya.



Participating and training for a triathlon translates into a tremendous amount of time outdoors. Opting for polarized lenses that protect from UV rays is a must. Polarized lenses are also essential for all of us ameatuer athletes because they filter glare and bright light to give wearers exceptional vision and precision.

So before you step out for your next ride or run make sure you've got the high quality polarized lenses. We can provide a quick and easy way to replace damaged, chipped or scratched lenses,and have a huge range of Oakley after market replacement lenses. We ship anywhere in the world for FREE so that you can easily repair your sunglasses and save a great deal of money.