14 February 2012 - Add Some Celebrity Edge This Valentines Day

Finding it difficult to think of a fun and whimsical gift this Valentines Day? How about buying her the latest celebrity fashion, sweet heart sunglasses? Give her something edgy that she©ll love and be able to use all year round.

All women want to be loved and what better way to say ©I Love You© than to hand your special someone a pair of red hot heart shaped sunglasses. Not many of her girlfriends will have them so they're sure to stand out.

Yet they©ve been made famous recently with big name celebrities wearing them like Katy Perry, Nicole Ritchie, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton. What woman wouldn©t want to feel like they©ve got a bit of celebrity edge to them?

Rock glamour goddess, Katy Perry, looks funky and ready to steal hearts on Valentines Day with her red hot shades. The sweetheart glasses immediately add some playfulness and are just that little bit naughty, exactly how we all want to feel this February 14th!

Nicole Ritchie shows us how we can give them a more relaxed look and casually chic while strolling around shopping or down at the park with the little ones. The splash of red really makes your heart sing and add some sparkle into your day, and we can all use some light hearted spirit in our lives, especially on Valentines Day.


You can easily pick up a cute pair of these sweetheart sunglasses online. I noticed that a customer on the Urban Outfitters website commented that she liked them better than her Ray Bans! If you©re worried about the quality of lenses in some of the cheap heart shaped sunglasses we can provide premium quality lens to replace the old ones, so you end up with some great lenses and turn them into a super cute pair of sunglasses that are great for your eyes too. What more could you ask for on Valentines Day, something you can wear with fun and style all year round.




1 February 2012 - Ray-Ban Aviators Just Got Even Better

Can©t decide if you want to wear your mirrored sunglasses for a sleek look while shopping, or your sports G15 polarized green while running along the beach? Thanks to Ray-Ban©s newly released Flip Out range you can ©pop© in new lenses, any place, any time.

Ray-Ban has introduced a new model called the ©Flip Out© that©s an interchangeable lens system for their most popular models; Aviator and Caravan. These top models now come with a set of three different colored lenses, allowing you to choose the color to suit your lifestyle. This new model is the latest in Ray-Ban frame technology offering super durable metal frames to last the distance with the lenses.

Ray-Ban being such an iconic brand is worn by all the big name celebrities that wear the classic©s, they never seem to go out of style.

I guess we can all dream of looking as good as these celebrities while wearing our Ray-Ban Aviators!

Being such a leader in both style and technology, they©re obviously confident that their sunglasses will stand the test of time. That©s why they are now offering replacement lenses.

It makes sense, when you invest in designer, high quality, long lasting frames to interchange the lenses to suit different seasons, or styles. That©s why at The Sunglass Fix we offer over 10,000 after market lenses that are guaranteed to perform as good as the originals, or better, or your money back. Take a look at our lens selection and try some for yourself and tell us how they perform for you.