24 June 2013 - What are the best sunglasses for Wimbledon?

Whether you’re making it to Wimbledon this year or just planning an exciting tennis match of your own, the right eyewear matters.  Wimbledon is the world’s most prestigious tennis match, and attending it means fast paced action.  Bright sunlight and glare can interfere with your enjoyment of this world class tennis event, which features the likes of such champions as Roger Federer and Serena Williams.  But armed with the right sunglasses and sunglass lenses this won’t be a problem for you!

The right sunglasses lenses always matter.  Today’s top eyewear manufacturers, such as Ray-Ban, Arnette, D&G and Oakley, infuse their sunglasses with an amazing amount of technology.  The end results are of course quite impressive, but what if the lenses scratch?

At The Sunglass Fix, we know that your designer sunglasses are can still be in great shape, so we can send you the same high quality lenses anywhere in the world for free!  When you damage your sunglasses lenses, you DO have options.  No longer do scratched or chipped lenses mean that your sunglasses are "finished.”  Get your designer frames back in action today!

11 June 2013 - What Does The US Summer Look Like Through Polarized Lenses?

No matter where you travel in the world, be sure to have the best polarized sunglasses to protect your vision. 

The right lenses for sunglasses does matter.  This is why you should always choose lenses that offer UV protection and are polarized. 

Anywhere you go in the USA in the summertime, it is likely to be very bright and surprisingly hot.  Bringing two-pair of high-quality designer sunglasses from a manufacturer such as Arnette, Oakley or D&G is a good decision.  There is a great deal to see in the States.  That means narrowing your list down can be very tricky.  Here are five good vacation spots to consider.

5 Fun USA Summertime Vacation Spots

  1. New York City - An endless supply of action.
  2. Hawaii  -An endless supply of beauty, nature and sand.
  3. San Diego - Good weather, each and every day of the year.
  4. Alaska - A wild array of wildlife.
  5. San Francisco - Loaded down with cool.

Keep your sunglasses in great shape by turning to The Sunglass Fix to repair your sunglasses lenses so you can take advantage of the summertime fun.  Scratched and damaged lenses for sunglasses aren't a problem, and replacement lenses can be shipped quickly anywhere in the world, for FREE.



11 June 2013 - Check out the Oakley Splinter- Our Product of the Week

Oakley Splinter a serious pair of sunglasses.

Some sunglasses are just loaded with technology and features. Giving you the most for your money is what we do at The Sunglass Fix, and that is why we love this week’s Product of the Week, the Oakley Splinter.

The Splinter features a design that uses a lightweight C-5 alloy, has 100% UV blocking, HDPolarized lenses that greatly increase clarity while reducing glare and uses XYZ optics technology that was specifically created to reduce distortions.



The end result is nothing short of amazing. Visit here to see our wide range of replacement lenses for the Oakley Splinter Sunglasses.

The right lenses for glasses make a difference. With the Oakley Splinters, the dedication to providing quality polarized optics most definitely shines through.

Thanks to The Sunglass Fix, you can get high quality, durable and dependable polarized lenses for sunglasses shipped anywhere in the world, for FREE. Get the most out of your shades with the Oakley Splinter, our Product of the Week.

11 June 2013 - National Men's Health Week Guys Get Out Your Polarized Sunglasses!

Mens health week brings some focus on eye health.

Thanks to Men's Health Week, taking place from June 10-16, men have a great reminder to think about the issues that could impact their health and their lives, including their eye health such as glaucoma that can be easily prevented wearing polarized lenses.

President Clinton signed the bill creating Men©s Health Week on May 31, 1994 and most US States have recognized this attempt to increase men©s health awareness.

Time spent outdoors means time exposed to UV, and that can mean eye damage. This is particularly true if one is wearing cheap or knock off sunglasses, which will not protect one's eyes like high quality polarized lenses. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized lenses have been embraced by manufacturers such as Arnette, Oakley, Ray-Ban famous for their Wayfarer sunglasses and others. These lenses reduce glare and provide exceptional clarity and vision.

The Sunglass Fix can help you protect your vision by offering sunglass lenses replacement anywhere in the world. You'll save time and money while enjoying high quality lenses that will protect your vision. So common guys, remember to take the best possible care of your eyes. After all, you only get 2 of them!