29 July 2013 - Johnny Depp showing off blue sunglass lenses while promoting The Lone Ranger!

The Lone Ranger is one of those iconic stories that continues to be remembered decades after the original television series first aired. Now, one of the world©s biggest stars is surprising audiences with his diversity once again by playing Tonto in the summer blockbuster. Depp, who likes Wayfarer style glasses, is often seen wearing the latest sunglasses lenses from manufacturers like Arnette and Ray-Ban, and is seen showing off some blue sunglass lenses.



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29 July 2013 - The SPR 09I Prada Sunglasses - Our Deserving Product of the Week

The Sunglass Fix strives to find the best sunglass options possible. When we select a sunglasses as our product of the week, you can be certain that those sunglasses have something special to offer. The Prada 09I model has a lot going for it, including exceptional frame design style. Prada sunglasses are known for their durability and if you don't loose them they will last for many years so it makes sense to splurge on designer sunglasses and replace the lenses when they wear out instead of throwing them away.

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29 July 2013 - Cut through sunglass glare with Polarized Lenses on the Golf Course at the Canadian Open

The Canadian Open Golf Tournament has a truly impressive history that goes back all the way to 1904 when it was founded by the Royal Canadian Golf Association. The tournament has been won by many of golf©s greatest names, ranging from Americans Lee Trevino and Tiger Woods to talented Australians like Greg Norman and Nathan Green.


Golfers often spend their time golfing during the brightest hours of the day, and that has real implications for vision. Golfers need  great eyewear, such as polarized sunglasses, to protect their eyes. Hunter Mahan likes to hit off with his wide sports Hurley sunglasses to help cut through glare.


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