25 September 2012 - Do You Love the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses? So Do We!

If you have visited the sunglasses store lately, perhaps you saw the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses.  If so, they likely jumped off the shelf.  Many women around the world have been eager to toss down their credit cards to buy these amazing looking accessories.

Prada has always produced some great looking items, but they truly knocked the ball out of the park with these sunglasses.  They have big round frames with a little bit of the Jackie-O flair accompanied by intricate and elegant baroque swirls on the side.  Plus, you can select your favorite of four amazing colors, which include Black, Havana, Light Havana and Pink Horn. (It is hard to choose, so perhaps you will even want to get MORE than one to coordinate with different outfits!)

Now when you buy Prada polarized sunglasses from any legitimate sunglasses store, you will get a certificate of authenticity.  Obviously, this means a lot and you want to hold onto your glasses for years and years to come, especially these ones that are kind of like a piece of art.



(The Olsen twins showing off the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses)

Of course, a problem could arise if you accidentally scratch or damage your lenses.  But don©t break down into tears and drown your sorrows with the next available pint of ice cream.  We now stock these famous sunglass lenses that will fit into your Minimal Baroque Sunglasses with both classic and polarized lenses available.

We love the Minimal Baroque Sunglasses so much that we now are selling t5hese replacement sunglass lens worldwide with free shipping.  It's inexpensive and efficient to simply order a new pair of lenses, and we will send them out to you right away, no matter where in the world you may live! 

Rock-on Jackie-O!


20 September 2012 - Gigantic Foam Sunglasses at the FYF Fest in Downtown LA

We love these monster sized Foam Sunglasses that were part of the art installations at this years FYF Fest in downtown Los Angeles that came alive with a some edgy underground musicians in today©s music scene ranging in musical genres from punk rock to new-age funk. Aaron Hansen is showing sitting in front of these huge shades giving you an idea of the sheer size of them, a little hard to pop on your face!

Three of the four art pieces were a huge six-and-a-half feet tall, 15 ft .wide and 18 ft. long. They were solid foam sunglasses, each with a different mural painted across the lenses. The back of the sunglasses were covered in special chalk board paint. Concert-goers used chalk to add to the design, a ceative way to get them invovled in the art work and help steer the mood of the concert.

As much as we love this art installation we're not sure we'll be able to install new lenses into these babies any time soon.......