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I'll be back (4/10/2014)
Great product, kept a good pair of frames going another 2 years. Will be looking at another set of lenses by Christmas.

Derek - Dakabin, Queensland
oakley fives 2.0 (3/12/2014)
I love your buisness, i pais $250 for a pair of oakley fives 2.0 and love them, Had a big scratch right in the middle of the lense and thought they were ruined. Upon doing a littleresearch i stimbled across your web site. At first i was a little un sure but for the price i thought i would give it a go. Then got the wrong lenses and thougjt here we go.
I can't remember but think i was emailing Craig, he was excelent sent out the right lenses straight away and sent a reply paid envelope to send back the wrong ones even though it was my mistake.
As far as the quality goes they are fantastic. As good if not better than the original.
I was so impressed i sent him an email saying so, he replied to just simply lile you on facebook to help get your name out there, witch i did straight away.
I have since put numerouse people on to you and they also like your service and product.
My wife would get new lenses but you don't stock her lenses and didn't want to send her glasses to you for custom making. (I tried to talk her in to it)
I will definatly be a return customer if the lenses i have need replacing.
keep up the good work.

mark - Adelaide
Replacement Lenses (3/11/2014)
For months I looked for replacement lenses for the Oakley Fives 2.0 and could not find them.The Sunglass Fix was recommended. I requested two sets of lenses and with a quick turn around I had my favorite sunglasses to wear again, which were packaged up very nicely for a long trip half way around the world. The lenses fit perfectly into my frames without having to go to the optometrist to have them do the lens install. I highly recommend The Sunglass Fix quick service and great customer service.

Julius - USA
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