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ASTONISHED! (11/28/2013)
Naturally, living in the U.S., I sought out the services of companies here. The lowest estimated price to replace 1 pair of lenses was $170.

The model of Coach sunglasses I sent to you was manufactured around 2007-2009. The manufacturer of Coach sunglasses was switched sometime within the last two years and as a consequence, the local Coach store at our mall informed me that customers in need of replacement parts for models of Coach sunglasses manufactured by the previous manufacturer, could NOT obtain replacement parts from the new manufacturer. In order to overcome this problem Coach offers customers something like a 25 or 30% discount off current sunglasses. Of course, when one has a pair that’s really unique (frames in my case), that just didn’t do me any good.

I was actually ASTONISHED that the simple very small box I sent the glasses to you in did not result in the glasses being damaged en route to your company and was equally astonished to see a perfectly formed, undented very small cardboard box sitting in my mailbox when the glasses were returned to me – all without excessive shipping fees or the cost of insurance.

So, your company is truly exceptional for multiple reasons and I pray that God will Bless you and each employee of your company and all extended family members abundantly for such an honest, professional business and for such clearly exceptional service, workmanship and product.

Linda - Connecticut, USA
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