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Great Service (3/18/2014)
I thought the service was great. Communication too. I'm happy with the product. The lense has fallen out of my frames a couple of times but I think that's more my glasses fault than the new lenses.

Rhys - Sydney, NSW, Australia
Simply amazing (3/11/2014)
I needed new lenses for my sunglasses and just randomly stumbled upon the website and thought I would give it a go. Little did I know that the lenses which would cost me about $50 were actually going to be so much better than the lenses which shipped with the sunglasses.

If I ever need new sunglasses again I will buy the glasses only for the frame - and immediately order lenses from you guys. Thanks so much!!

James - Perth
Mako/ugly fish (3/11/2014)
I got two pairs.Ugly Fish were perfect and are still going strong but Mako 's didn't fit quit right and would pop out of frames.Over the years this has caused damage where they hit the ground and got scratched.

Craig - Coffs Harbour,NSW
Speedy Service (3/11/2014)
Easy to order, and a very quick turnaround. From the time I sent my sunglasses to when I recieved them back was less than 2 weeks.

Philippa - New Zealand
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