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How do Polarized Sunglass Lenses Work?

SFx Ultmate Polarized sunglass lenses see how polarized lenses block glare in high altitude mountain conditions

Polarized Lenses Inner Workings

Polarized lenses are normal sunglass lenses with a polarization layer fused to the lens.

How Polarized sunglass lenses are made and how polarized sunglass lenses work

Normal sunglass lenses reduce the intensity of all light from all angles. The polarizing layer in polarized lenses acts like millions of microscopic mirrors. These mirrors are angled away from your eyes field of vision. When light waves hit the polarization layer at any angle that is not perpendicular to your lens it is reflected away rather than allowed through to your eye. This results in unwanted glare from roads, water and car windows being either dulled out or dramatically reduced allowing the sunglass user to see the field of vision they want.

The reduction of glare provided by sunglass lenses allows users to wear their sunglasses for longer periods of time and reduces eyestrain. We also have customers that suffer from migraines claim that polarized lenses help reduce the onset of headaches.

How Polarised lenses reflect glare off thier polarization layer. How polarized sunglass lenses work


How to replace your upgrade or replace your sunglass lenses with polarized sunglass lenses.

The Sunglass Fix has over 30,000 sunglass lens models. We have free worldwide shipping and easy to follow video instructions to help you replace your sunglass lenses with new polarized lenses.

When Polarized Lenses Can Cause Problems?

Because polarized lenses block out glare and light at certain angles it can prevent users from seeing reflections they normally see. Reflection off of icy patches on the road or ski slopes may not show up as strong as normal. Additionally, LCD displays from certain devices such as car stereos, microwaves, and computer monitors could get blocked out, especially with lower quality polarization films. We have also had feedback from some customers about the polarization interacting with polarized films in their tinted car windows.

How do I know if I have Polarized Lenses?

If your lenses are removed from your sunglasses, turn one lens 90 degrees from the other and look through both lenses at the same time. You will notice that you can't see out of the lenses. Regular sunglass lenses will just appear darker and maintain the same level of tint as they are turned. If you lenses are still in your sunglasses you can look at a high glare reflection off a car window. If you turn your sunglasses in a clockwise motion while looking at the glare it will get brighter and duller as the sunglasses are turned if the lenses are polarized. If the glare remains the same, you have regular sunglass lenses.


If two polarized lenses are looked through while they are parallel to each other you can see through them like regular lenses. The view is just darker. If you turn one polarized lens perpendicular to another (90 degrees) the films block all visible light as they both work to block light waves from different angles.
When looking through polarized lenses in parallel they look like regular lenses. They show the view but just darker. Polarized lenses block out entire view when turned 90 degree from each other as the films interact to block all visible light.


Other Resources on how Polarized lenses work.


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Award Winning Lens Quality

Winner of Australian Customer Service Awards 3 Years in a Row

The Sunglass Fix was awarded the first ever "Three Peat" award for the highest ranking for its products and services at The Australian Customer Services Awards.This awards is granted to us based on independent customer feedback gathered by the independant organisation.

Still question our quality.  See what our customers have to say about it.

We also have many indepent reviews we've accumulated from our great customers. We hope this helps you understand that replacing the lenses in your sunglasses can be a easy, economical way to keep your sunglass performing as good, if not better than new for years to come.

Please click to visit our Facebook page, find special offerings, and read what other customers have thought about The Sunglass Fix's products and services Google reivews for the sunglass fix


Largest Selection


Largest Selection

Over 42,000 Sunglass Lens Models

The Sunglass Fix has over 67,000 sunglass lens models ready to ship on any given day.

If you can not find lenses for your frames please contact us or feel free to order Custom Made or Installed Lenses and we'll make a pair and install them for you for the same great price. We will need your frames in the lab so some minor shipping charges apply.

Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide


Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide

Lenses are Shipped Same or Next Day Anywhere in World for Free

Our Replacement lenses are shipped anywhere in the world for free. All lenses are designed and  produced from our central lab in Australia and shipped to your doorstep.

We ship lenses on the same or next business day and while shipping times vary the quality of our lenses will be well worth the wait.

Custom Made or Installed Lenses do have a minor shipping charge as your frames will need to be sent into our lab and returned to you.

More information on shipping timeframes is here.

Saving Money and Resources


Saving Money and Resources

Over 80,000 Pairs of Sunglasses Saved from Landfills

Did you know that in some cases you can save over 90% by replacing your sunglass lenses instead of buying a new pair of sunglasses?
What if you can get a higher quality lenses than your originals?  Every wished you had polarized lenses instead of regular lenses in your frames?
Well, you've found the right place. The Sunglass Fix offers premium quality replacement lenses and ships them around the world for free. Our lens Quality is incredible and installing your new replacement lenses is usually much easier than you would have ever imagined. 

Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide

Replacement Lenses are shipped anywere in the world for free. Free shipping does not include tracking but is very reliable.  Tracking is available at checkout but we feel this added feature is not necessary based on our 8 years of shipping experience.

Custom Made or Installed lens servicers do require a minor shipping charge.  We must have your frames in order to make and install your lenses.

Map of shipping timeframes around the World from The Sunglass Fix's lab in Australia


Award Winning Quality


Award Winning Quality

Upgrade your sunglasses to a better performing, scratch free lens.



Installation Service Available


Installation Service Available

The Sunglass Fix is happy to install your sunglass lenses for you.


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