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Beach Sunglasses

Ah, the beach. Laying out on a towel soaking up the sun with a cold drink in hand… taking a dip in the sea… feeling sand between your toes… perfect! While beach days are undeniably awesome, the sun’s harmful UV rays aren’t. We all know we must wear sunscreen, but the right beach sunglasses will also play a huge role in keeping you sun-safe while looking great this summer.

Not all sunglasses are equal, and ensuring we have the best sunglasses for beach days will guarantee protection and peace of mind while dripping in style. Imagine lounging on the shore, relaxing under the sun’s warmth, all while your eyes remain comfortably protected and effortlessly chic. Sounds great, right? We agree. And seeing as we want you to look good, feel good, and be safe on the shore, we’ve put this guide together to help you choose the right pair. Let’s begin!

Understanding the Importance of Beach Sunglasses

Sunscreen is great for keeping your skin safe, but without the right sunglasses protecting your eyes, sun exposure can cause life-changing injuries. The risk of sunburn around the eye area, cataracts and even vision loss through macular degeneration increases if you're not wearing the right sunglasses at the beach. Prevention of eye conditions is sometimes overlooked but a vital part of beach planning, especially when those rays bounce off the water and sand into your face like a spring-loaded volleyball.

Black sunglasses with a beach background

Things to consider when choosing sunglasses for the beach

There’s way more to think about when selecting beach sunglasses than meets the eye, pun intended. Let’s take a look…

Lens Materials

When buying sunglasses for outdoor activities, the range of lens materials leaves you spoiled for choice. Polarized sunglass lenses are the MVPs for reducing glare, and are perfect for fishing or sailing. Mirrored lenses look insanely cool and add an extra layer of UV protection by reflecting sunlight away from your eyes. For maximum safety, also consider impact-resistant lenses. These shatterproof wonders block 100% of UV rays, making them ideal for everyone.

Fashion-Savvy Lens Color

Lens color matters more than you think. Color tinted sunglasses lenses can enrich your beach experience or make it uncomfortable. Green lenses are great for being in or close to the water — they enhance clarity and contrast while reducing glare, perfect for spotting sealife in those elusive seashells. But yellow lenses? They may make things seem brighter, but, they can also distort colors and impact depth perception. It’s best to leave yellow colors to the lemonade you’re sipping on! 

Tinted sunglass lenses for the beach


Having the right frames is like having the tastiest cherry on top of your beach sundae. Nylon and polycarbonate frames, for example, are lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and extremely protective. Perfect. 

Looking to maximize comfort? Adjustable nose pads and temple tips will go a long way, as well as floating sunglasses.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Beach Sunglasses for Men

When it comes to men's beach sunglasses, fashion brands offer a lot of options. Yes, you want to look cool but don’t overlook the importance of UV protection, comfort, and fit when buying your pair.

Man wearing sunglasses in the beach

Style & Designs

This is your chance to let your personality and style stand out from the tanning crowd, and your options are seemingly endless. If you’re looking to look cooler than ice, you can’t get much better than the classic Aviators worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. For the chilled-out vibe, go for a pair of Wayfarers. Or for the most active beachgoers, sporty wraparounds will be a great shout. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect design just for you. 

Good Fit & Coverage

The right fit does make life a beach. Look for frames that sit comfortably on your face without slipping or pinching. And don’t forget about coverage – you want sunglasses that protect your eyes from every angle, whether you’re lounging on the sand, kicking a ball, or hitting the waves.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Beach Sunglasses for Women

Beach sunglasses for women are not just about looking fabulous – it's about finding sunglasses that flatter, but above all, provide protection and comfort.

Woman wearing sunglasses in the beach

Fashionable Designs

Sunglasses are the ultimate beach life fashion accessory. Oversized frames, sharp angles, sleek curves, or cat-eye sunglasses will all make a big statement. Bright bold colors and fun patterns will help you to express your unique style even further.

Face shape & Personal Style

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses starts with knowing your face shape. For oval faces, almost any style will look amazing. On the other hand, for round faces, we recommend hunting for angular frames to add definition. And don’t forget about your unique style – this is a wonderful opportunity to show the world who you really are. 

Taking care of your sunglasses on the beach

Round sunglasses lie on a sandy beach

Enjoying a sunny day at the beach is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it can be tough on your sunglasses. Proper care is essential to keep them in pristine condition and to ensure they continue to protect your eyes.

Pop them in a fashionable case when you’re not rocking them, only ever clean them with a dirt-free microfiber cloth, and don’t leave them lying in the sand. If they do get a little scratched up from all that beach tennis action, no worries – Sunglass Fix has your back with quality replacement lenses.

So there you have it. You're all set. Prioritize UV protection, comfort and durability; go with the frame design and colors ideal for your specific needs, face shape and personal style. Easy! Now you’re ready to get the right pair of sunglasses, and safely enjoy beach days while looking spectacular.

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