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Best Designer Sunglasses

There’s nothing that completes an outfit quite like a pair of the best designer sunglasses. Whether it’s looking great shielding yourself from the sun, or radiating elegance strutting down the catwalk, designer shades are an instant ticket to cool town. In this guide we’ll unearth the secrets of designer sunglasses, how they came to be the number one fashion accessory, and help you choose a pair that’ll have you turning heads in any setting. Let’s dive in!

The Evolution and Craft of Designer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses with blue lenses

Sunglasses have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simple eye protectors. They’ve evolved into a must-have fashion staple that can elevate even the simplest of looks into a glamorous aesthetic.

But what turns a pair of good designer sunglasses into the best fashion sunglasses? Well, that designer quality comes from the design, materials, attention to detail, brand legacy, and the unique features and technologies they incorporate. From polarized lenses to UV protection, designer sunglasses go above and beyond to ensure your eyes are both stylish and safe. 

Mammoths of the industry are forever incorporating new features and ideas to keep things fresh and in step with the latest trends. From 90s throwbacks and oversized frames to funky shapes and colors, there’s something for everyone to accentuate their look. Interest in sustainable production has even seen changes in the range of sunglass lens material options.

Talking of brands, let’s get to know the biggest names in the designer sunglasses game.

Hottest Designer Sunglasses Brands

When it comes to top-rated designer sunglasses, there are a few names that reign supreme. From iconic classics to up-and-coming labels, here are some of the popular designer sunglasses brands on the market right now.

woman wearing Gucci sunglasses


Gucci sunglasses are the epitome of glam. The Italian chain has been around since 1921 and is known worldwide for its bold designs and extravagant detailing. The double-G logo is instantly recognizable and can often be seen on celebs including Dakota Johnson and Billie Eilish.


Sleek and chic – that's Prada sunglasses in a nutshell. With their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, Prada shades exude understated elegance. From classic wayfarers to futuristic visors, Prada has offered eyewear styles to suit every taste since 2000 in collaboration with manufacturer Luxottica.

Tortoiseshell Prada sunglasses


Ray-Ban is an icon of the designer sunglasses world and a favorite of celebrities and style idols. From the classic aviators to the iconic Wayfarer, the company is known for high-quality materials and impeccable production standards that create shades designed to last.


When you think of elegance and sophistication, you think of Chanel. The French brand is known for its oversized butterfly and cat-eye frames that bring more drip than a leaky drainpipe. Their cosmopolitan designs and bold colors simultaneously provide contemporary class and a timeless charm.

Le Specs

Younger than its counterparts on this list, but no less fashionable, is the Australian entity Le Specs. Founded in 1979, the brand has grown into a global phenomenon, thanks to its confident designs and affordable price model. From retro-inspired frames to avant-garde shoes, Le Specs provides all the glamor of the designer sunglass world without the luxury price tag.

Emporio Armani

Celebrities adore Emporio Armani. Whether it's David Beckham or Rihanna, known faces in the world boost their fashion with Armani sunglasses. The brand's collections offer sophistication and class and are perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their look.

Black Versace sunglasses


Like some other Italian fashion giants, Versace has licensed its eyewear to Luxottica in recent years, but the brand has been on the scene since 1978. Elton John, Beyonce and more recently Dua Lipa are among the superstars who adore Versace for its bold prints, immaculate detailing, and lavish designs.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster are the new kids on the popular designer sunglasses scenario and have seen a flood of popularity since their founding in 2011. The South Korean brand specializes in oversized frames that are a huge hit with the Asian market, although since opening their first US store in 2016 they’ve become an international success and continue to grow.


Oakley is the go-to option for athletes and outdoor lovers thanks to its practical yet stylish designs and impeccable reputation for high quality. Designed best for those with active lifestyles, the brand focuses on the high-performance sportswear and lifestyle market. It’s not unusual to see Oakleys on the slopes or at the running track. 


Founded in Italy in 1917, Persol is one of the oldest eyewear brands in the world and is now owned by Luxottica. Much like Oakley, the Italian brand focuses on the sports market but started out making sunglasses for pilots and drivers. Their famous arrow logo has been a staple in the designer sunglasses game for over a century, and part of the furniture on Rodeo Drive since 1961.

Woman wearing good designer sunglasses


Choosing Good Designer Sunglasses

Rocking the coolest designer sunglasses is all about looking and feeling great while having the highest quality and protection. So much of finding the right pair comes down to your face shape and personal style, so make sure to do your research and figure out what’s right for you. Keeping up with the latest trends won’t hurt, but not paying attention to value vs price will, especially as you’ll want your new shades to last. 

The hottest designer sunglasses won't just protect your eyes – they will elevate your entire look. They provide reliable UV protection, quality lenses, and are built to withstand your lifestyle, ensuring years of style and safety.

Rose designer sunglasses and white case

Caring for Your Designer Shades

Once you've found the perfect pair of designer sunglasses, it's necessary to take care of them properly. Only wipe the lenses down with a clean microfibre cloth, and be sure to use a glasses case to prevent scratches and damage when not in use. Check out our full guide on how to properly clean and protect your sunglasses.

However careful you are, sometimes accidents do happen. Whatever brand, design, or lens material you have, if you need replacement lenses for your sunglasses, we’ll hook you up and will even ship them out to you for free no matter where you are!

Sunglasses as a Fashion Staple

Whatever your personality and lifestyle, the right pair of designer sunglasses can truly punctuate the real you. Browse through the brands and designs, identify the best options for your features and needs, and take countless selfies while trying out choices to ensure you get the perfect pair just for you. No matter what you go with, don’t forget that confidence is the best accessory of all. So own your new shades, show up with your head high, and remind everyone how flawless you are!

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