Cookies Policy at Sunglass Fix


What are Cookies?

The cookies used by Sunglass Fix do not contain any of your personal information and we cannot use them to find out who you are. Cookies are small files that our website saves to your computer. Many cookies are automatically deleted after you finish using the website. Cookies are commonly used to improve browsing experience, measure website performance, support the delivery of our products and services and support sharing information through social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.  Unless you have adjusted your browser settings to refuse cookies, our systems will issue cookies as soon as you visit our website. If you have switched off cookies then some of the functionality of our website may not be available to you. The cookies that we use on our websites only collect anonymous information, they do not collect personal information.

How does our Sunglass Fix use cookies?

Our website use cookies to make our website easier for you to use and improve your overall experience when accessing our online service. Using cookies to distinguish you from other users so we can store your preferences, provide increased functionality and deliver better value for money.

Here are some examples of how we use cookies:

  • Improving your experience so you don’t have to repeat some actions unnecessarily and to make transactions as smooth as possible. We use cookies to remember that you are logged in; and to remember commonly searched items.
  • Measuring website performance: We constantly monitor our website to ensure it’s functioning to the best of it’s abilities. Cookies support monitoring what’s important to users by helping our team work out which pages are most useful and to improve pages that are not as useful. We also use cookies in order to monitor visitor numbers. No personally identifiable information is collected as part of this process.


What cookies are on Sunglass Fix’s website?

We have audited our cookies and produced a list of the cookies we use which describes, categorises and explains which sites use them:

  • _fpb: Installed by facebook for social sharing and advertisement efficacy tracking
  • _ga: Google Analtyics and Ads so we can monitor visitors, site response time, pages used, and sales data
  • _hj: hot jar is used on our site for site usability. It helps us find out where users get stuck and how they use the site so we can improve it.
  • _uet: Microsoft cookies for bing ads and search engine and microsoft clarity tools.


Where can I find more about cookies and how to turn-off or delete them?

Find out more about cookies at including information on how to control and delete them in all the major web browsers. You can block cookies by activating the setting on your browser or using incognito or private windows in browsers. However, if you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access parts of our sites or you may experience reduced functionality when accessing certain services. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies as soon as you visit our website.

For information about deleting cookies from the browser on your mobile phone, refer to your mobile phone user manual. In most cases it’s in the browsers setting under delete browsing history.

Contact Sunglass Fix

If you have any questions about this policy or the web’s use of cookies, please contact us here.  You can also read more about our cookies   For information on Sunglass Fix’s Privacy Policy and how we secure customers details visit our Privacy Policy.


More Details on Cookies Used by Sunglass Fix’s Website:

Facebook Pixel

In our website, we use the Facebook pixel and it collects five types of data:
Http headers - Anything present in HTTP headers. HTTP headers are a standard web protocol sent between any browser request and any server on the Internet. HTTP headers include IP addresses, information about the web browser, page location, document, referrer and person using the website.

  • Pixel-specific data - This includes the pixel ID and Facebook cookie.
  • Button click data - This includes any buttons clicked by site visitors, the labels of those buttons and any pages visited as a result of the button clicks.
  • Optional values - Developers and marketers can optionally choose to send additional information about the visit through custom data events. Example custom data events are conversion value, page type and more.
  • Form Field Names - This includes website field names such as "email", "address" and "quantity" when a person purchases a product or service. The pixel does not capture field values unless an advertiser includes them as part of advanced matching or optional values.


Microsoft Clarity

This tool helps us map how users interact on our site, what buttons they click, and where they get stuck.  Microstof Clarity provides us information regarding number of visitors, where and when they leave our site, and where visitors came from.  For more details, see Microsoft Privacy Statement. ( Microsoft Clarity does not show the web owner any personal data.
Cookies installed by Microsoft Clarity
_click: The cookie is set by embedded Microsoft Clarity scripts. The purpose of this cookie is for heatmap and session recording. 1 year
CLID: The cookie is set by embedded Microsoft Clarity scripts. The purpose of this cookie is for heatmap and session recording.. 1 year

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Tag

Our website uses cookies to collect statistical information which allows us to analyse how users interact with our website, with the ultimate goal of making it more user-friendly. Google Conversion Tracking is a service offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Microsoft Conversion Tracking is a service offered by Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-7329, USA.
Conversion tracking services place a small text file (cookie) on your hard drive, for a maximum period of 90 days, whenever you land on our website after clicking on a Google ad or Microsoft advertising. If you visit any of our web pages after clicking on an ad, the cookie will recognise your browser and both we, Google and/or Microsoft will be able to see that the ad helped you find our website.  it helps us allocate our advertising budget properly and advitisers to better tune what ads they present to users of their services.
Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising collect this information for us and generate statistics on visits to our website and sales so we can make better decisions about how our site is functioning and how our advertsing is working.  At times we share this statistical information with consultants that help us run our website and advertising campaigns more effectivelly. Again, this information does not contain any personal data.
How Google uses cookies in advertising:

Google Tag Manager

Sunglass Fix uses Google Tag Manager. This is a service which allows all of our cookies and tracking logic to be managed through a single user interface. Tags are small code elements applied to our website with the intention of measuring traffic and user behaviour. Google Tag Manager is solely used for the implementation of such tags; it does not include the placement of cookies, meaning that no personal data will be recorded. This said, Google Tag Manager could trigger other tags that may record data, but Google Tag Manager will not have access to it.

Deactivating cookies does not prevent Google Tag Manger from delivering the tracking codes.

Google Tag Manager Terms of Service: