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A simple way to customize your sunglasses, precison cut lenses from The Sunglass Fix. A simple solution to an annoying problem of scratched or broken lenses. We stock customized sunglass lenses for every brand of sunglasses. You can choose from our premium quality Regular or Polarized Lenses in a range of colors to suit your lifestyle. Precision cut in Australia, shipped free worldwide.


Experience the ultimate customer service and products so you too can become our next raving fan. For over 10 years 80,000 happy customers in 128 countries have saved hundreds of dollars by using our precision cut replacement lenses for their favourite sunglasses. Whatever designer frame or model you own, we can turn them into brand new again with our quality workmanship.


We've spent years refining our speciality lenses so you get a premium product we're proud to stand by with a no hassle money back guarantee. Heck if you're not as happy as all our other raving customers, we'll buy your lenses and sunglasses off you for $50. What are you waiting for?

Simply do what they are supposed to do

I love my Oakley Gascan sunglasses. I love them so much that my last 3 pairs of sunglasses have all been Oakley gascans. The only issue that I have with them is that I keep scratching the lenses. Oakley have decided to discontinue the gascan model and so the official replacement lenses are few and far between and cost around $120 a set (non polarised). I googled replacement lenses and sunglassfix came up. For just under $75 I was able to purchase 2 sets (I still had my older frames) of polarised replacement lenses, a significant upgrade on the originals. For the price I have to say I was a bit worried that the lenses wouldn’t be a good quality or that something would be wrong. Today the lenses arrived (6 business days after ordering, I’m in Western Australia so not bad at all). I fitted the lenses myself in about a minute (both pairs of sunglasses). The lenses were of equal (if not better) quality than the original Oakley lenses except the the new lenses are polarised and the colour was spot on to the original colour. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending sunglassfix lenses to anyone. They just simply do what they are supposed to do and I will use them again in the future.

Neil Turner
Perth, Western Australia
My three pairs of electric sunnies are back!!!

I had three pairs of the same electric BIG BEAT sunnies as the lens got scratched I bought a new pair and wore the old pair at work . Now I have three new pairs with polarised lenses for a fraction of the cost. Install and delivery was great I am one happy customer..

Timmy B
Saved My Oakleys

My beloved Oakley Half Wire 2s started de-polarising and bubbling. Having contacted Oakley and a specialist optician with no luck and no suggestions as to what I could do, I took to the web to see what I could find. I found The Sunglass Fix - and am I glad I did! I found my lenses easily on the site, placed my order and sat back to wait - after all; the lenses were coming from the other side of the world! 3 weeks' later and they turned up on the doorstep together with a nice sunglasses drawstring bag. The fit perfectly and I am very grateful to The Sunglass Fix for saving my Oakleys.

Chris Bromberger
London, England
My Jimmu Choo sunglasses are back to new

I thought for sure I would have to throw them in the garbage. But a huge THANK YOU. I had to send my glasses in because they were custom lenses. Thank you again - They are PERFECT!

Chris Rodriguez
Erie, Pa
Great !!!!!!!

Took almost 3 long weeks but finally I got them , just installed them and my old glasses are back to LIFE !! Color its great and just what I wanted .......thanks you very much !!!!!!!

Alfredo Salinas
rework to custom fit lenses to my unbranded frames

About four years ago I had both my cataracts done and had to wear sunglasses as I was working as a bus driver in West Cornwall UK. Trying many pairs that wern't any good a friend of mine gave me his vintage 1970s pair, they were excellent. Unfortunatley dropped them and put a chip in the glass lens, gutted. After an opticion told me it would cost me about£150 to get new lenses it was time to go hunting. Found the sunglasses fix, looked at loads of of reviews and decided this was the right choice. After wearing them in different conditions this week I have to say hand on heart they are the best lenses I've ever had, making stand out brilliantly and reducing glare, top class service and pakaging and correspondance could not be bettered anywhere, thenk you all so much, I will definately be ordering some different colours in the future

Richard George
Penzance West Cornwall UK
Great service, excellent product

Thought my Ray_Bans were for the bin after breaking a lens.found Sunglass Fix online Ordering was a simple step-by-step process Very secure package received exactly 1 week later ( to Scotland ) After watching installation video on website replaced lenses in approximately 5 minutes Great product, great service, I would highly recommend, and will use this service again, can't praise enough Keep up the good work Many thanks

W Weir

I ordered my replacement lenses for my Mj sports. They were a direct fit. I wasn’t to sure of ordering for sunglass fix since there on the other side of the globe from me. But I did . And it was the best decision I made with this company. I definitely recommend this company for replacement lenses. I really don’t write reviews, I’m actually the one that reads reviews and make a decision based on testimonies from actually clients. So I definitely recommend this guys here ????

Javier Osorio
Arnettes better than original

I replaced the lenses in my Arnette Fire Drill’s that had seen better days, the optics in the new lenses are superb (highly recommend getting the polarised), better than the original and with the new lenses in the sunglasses look brand new again. Far cheaper than buying a new pair and arrived via post in days. Highly recommend.

Killarney, Vic
I have my old sunglasses back!

I had a pair of Oakley's which I absolutely loved but hairspray and wearing glasses on your head are not a good combination!! I held onto the glasses hoping to find a pair of replacement lenses. I found the Sunglass Fix website a couple of weeks ago and decided to give them a try. Lenses arrived today and I am happy to say I am thrilled with the lenses. I chose to have polarised lenses which I think are better than the originals. Thank you so much!!

Heidi White

Service/Professionalism =10/10

Better than the original Prada lenses

I've had my sunglasses for 7 or 8 years, but I haven't worn them for the last 5 years because the lenses were badly scratched and the coating had begun to come off the lenses. I tried contacting Prada's Australian distributor hoping to source replacement lenses, but I was told they no longer produce the spr20h models, and they don't have spare lenses available. They cost me around $300, so I kept them hoping that one day I'd be able to get some lenses custom made. A couple of weeks ago I can across an advertisement for replacement lenses and decided to give the Sunglass Fix a try. Man, I am so happy I did. The lenses arrived today, and fit straight into my frames. Not only were they much better looking than the standard lenses, they outperform the standard ones in every way. I'll be ordering some polarised lenses next, they're that good! Thanks guys, and happy new year! G.

George Seirlis
Melbourne, Victoria
Best lenses

My Revos look like new. I love the new lenses. They fit and look like the originals, the glasses are lighter. It’s saved me, quite a bit of cash, from purchasing new sunglasses. Great purchase., great service.Thanks guys.

Nicholas Stribakos
Melbourne, Victoria
Amazing Quality

Received today my Chanel and Oakley replacement lenses amazing quality, money value, free shipping ???? it’s like I have 2 brand new sunglasses. You guys make a very happy customer I will surely come back when need it and strongly recommend you already done on my FB and Instagram showing pics before and after. Thank u thank u so much I love The Sunglass Fix ????

Magda El Bahli
Paris France
Great Quality Lens and Customer Care

Replacement lens for my Maui Jim Sport 405's fix perfectly and the quality as good as the originals. This company really cares about it's customers, and is dedicated to providing quality lens.

Ron Mailloux
San Diego, CA
Brilliant service, well done

After looking everywhere for replacement lenses for my Ray-Ban sun glasses, to be told they were no longer available, I turned to Sunglasses fix, the best move I could have made.... ordered on Saturday November 25th (Saturday), they dropped through my letter box on the morning of Tuesday December 5th. very well packaged and in perfect condition. Brilliant service, all the way from Australia to the UK so quickly and NO cost for postage. very impressive.... With a little patience in fitting the first lens, the 2nd snapped into place perfectly, I now have effectively brand new sunglasses at a fraction of the replacement cost. Will certainly recommend Sunglasses fix to everyone I know

Brian Wyatt
Essex , UK
I love it!!!

My sunglasses initially had a prescription, which gave me a headache every time I wore them. I required custom made lenses. After replacing the lenses with polarising, they are good as new and I wear them all the time! They are especially helpful when I am driving and the sun is glaring in my face. Thank you for your excellent customer service, fast delivery and communication throughout my purchase! I am one happy customer!


I honestly didn't think that the replacement lenses would be of the same quality as the original Ray-Ban RB 4166 lenses. I cheated and just replaced the scratched lense and looked out towards the sun. WOW! Sunglassfix really do offer similar and superior quality. The delivery time estimate was bang on target as well. Now all I need is a right ear arm for my very old RB 4052 set knowing I can replace the lenses when I need to. Big thumbs up for sunglassfix !!

Chris Swanepoel
Tullow, Ireland
Repaired my ray-bans, even after I messed up the order

I ordered the wrong size and these folks were great. They helped figure out what I did wrong and got my the correct lenses. Total cost of my mistake was a couple dollars for return postage; and they advised me how to keep that cost minimal! Love the replacements, thanks.

gary palmer
Oakley Tangent like new again :)

The Oakley Tangents I own were given as a gift so when I damaged the lenses, replacing the lenses was the only option, A quick Google & sunglassfix seemed an excellent choice, but Australia to the UK.... Needn't have worried, Arrived in around 2 weeks, polished up the frames they now look as good as new. Many Thanks fellas!

Steve James
Great way to save a great pair of sunglasses

I've worn a pair of Prada glasses for years and managed to crack a lens one day. Frantic, I searched for a replacement and found Sunglass Fix. I was happy to find replacements for a reasonable cost and with their guarantee I felt secure. The lenses however were not 100% perfect and were ever so slightly large for my frames, maybe by not even a millimeter overall. They would not fit in the frames. Upon contacting them though the identified the issue and sent me two new lenses at no cost. These lenses fit the frames very well and I am thrilled to have my $400 Prada glasses back. Great lenses, great service and they care. I will definitely keep their address bookmarked for any future issues as I know I can trust them. Thanks Sunglass Fix!

Craig Edmonston
Cincinnati, Ohio

I have ordered two pairs of lenses for glasses that are discontinued and are no longer made. The first pair were men's Prada sunglasses (spr-10h) and the second pair were women's Chanel sunglasses (6014). One pair of polarized lenses and another pair of regular lenses and they fit perfectly and made my sunglasses brand new again! I absolutely love this site and would recommend it to anybody!

Jeff Leppo
Best service ever

I was shocked at how quick they were delivered. Fantastic product also. I will definitely be a returning customer

Andrew Meyer
Brisbane QLD
Tag heuer 5019 reflex sunglasses

What can I say other than absolutely brilliant, I sent away my glasses which was damaged on one of the lenses for a custom fit. I was a little nerves as its the other side of the world ???? I tracked them and it took nearly 3 weeks to get there uk slow mail , once they arrived it only took 2 and a bit weeks to get them fixed and returned to me like new , I'm looking forward to when my lenses are added to your wedsite so I can just reorder lenses ,

Garry Greveson
Derbyshire , uk
You Guys are awesome........... are the real deal..... I had some issues with a set of Evil Eye replacement lens and without any delay they just replaced them... Not often you find service like I have received from these guys. The end product is just fantastic and saved me money....

Mike Sutherland
Queenstown New Zealand
Super Customer Service

Ordered Oakley (4 + 1) Squared Sunglass Replacement Polarized Lenses, very pleased with my purchase... Thanks

Ali Asghar

Good selection. Great quality.

Matthew Connolly
Cartier Frames

Your workforce is truly a cut above, extremely polite and responsive. I had ordered lenses for vintage Cartier frames; whereby, it was necessary for your team to custom manufacture the lenses. I shipped the Frames from NJ, USA and within 25 days received the frames with new lenses. The price including shipment charges to Australia (fm NJ USA), was far less than had I went to a local USA firm. The lenses are a perfect fit and of excellent quality, I could not be more pleased with the outcome and support provided by your staff. Highly recommended. You have my permission to publish this testimonial should you wish to do so. Paul M. USA, EHT, NJ

Paul Marchese
EHT, NJ 08234

Thank you guys. Fantastic product fantastic experience from start to finish. Very helpful and the replacement lenses for my Oakleys are better than my originals. 5*****.

Darren Costin
Amazing Customer Service

I love my Persol sunglasses but unfortunately, I broke the lens. I ordered the lens but it was a mismatch (my fault). In addition, there were some problems due to the frames through no fault of either party. SunglassFix took responsibility and fixed the issue. These guys are seriously amazing!!!!!!!

Couldn't be more pleased!!!

When a lens chipped in my long-discontinued model of Ic! Berlin sunglasses, there seemed no hope. They sat unused for almost a year--could find no one who would replace them for less than almost the cost of a new pair. Then, by accident, I discovered thesunglassfix. It seemed almost too good to be true! I contacted them and they recommended that I send in the glasses, since Ic! Berlin has exacting specifications that vary from model to model. Well, here I am looking at the finished product. Perfect! And I'm finicky! I can't believe that I not only have them back as good as new, but should anything happen to them in the future, I have a trusted source to repair them. Thank you, thesunglassfix, for doing an amazing job!

D. Michael Berkowitz
New York, NY
Superb Customer Care

I ordered the wrong sized lenses, sent my frames back and they Sunglasses fix guys returned them with new lenses. Nothing was too much trouble.

J Kershaw
Oakley Lense replacements...

I have had these glasses for years, frames still in excellent condition. Ordered the lenses and followed the instructions on removing and replacing them. WOW, just like that I have new lenses. Thank you

Sherry B
Mechanicsville, VA
Armani lenses 9032/S

Very happy. Easy order process with good options for different tints. Arrived in the UK in just ten days, in perfect condition and an exact fit to my old frames. It's hard to believe I have to look on the other side of the world for such a product, but on this ocassion I'm happy to do so and will recommend the service to others.

Nick Boustead
Portsmouth, UK
Happily Surprised

I've had a pair of Okley (Disobey) sunglasses sitting at home for 4 years now with lenses so scratch I couldn't see through them. I decided to give Sunglass Fix a try; I figured I had nothing to lose. I received my new lenses yesterday and they are FANTASTIC!!! They fit perfectly!!! Thank you

Alberta Canada
Welp, guess I got to go fishing!

Had an old pair of Smith Mainline that had been degraded to safety glasses due to the scratched lenses. Found your site online and ordered a pair of the brown polarized lenses. They arrived just shy of 4 weeks as expected. Fit like a glove in the existing frames. Can't wait to try them out on the water. The wife might not see me for a while. If they work well I may order a pair of the black mirrored for bluebird days. ;)

Zach williams
Lansing, Michigan
Ray Ban Tech RB8306 New Sunglass Lenses - 64mm Wide -

Very impressive quality... fitted like a charm! Thank you!

Carlos Gonçalves
Guimarães, Portugal
Excellent Service

Checked my old (about 40yrs) and faithful B&L Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses for lens size then viewed the easy to see pictures of the Ray Bans. Made the selection of lens and colour with reference to the information given on the item displayed and then completed the order. How easy could this be and especially online! Arrived in the mail in the quoted timeframe and was securely packaged. Very happy I've given my old Ray Bans with their unique wrap-round arms a new life as my golf sunglasses with polarised brown lens. Great product and service and now recommend this product to my friends and golfing buddies.

Mackenzie, Queensland
Great Product

Ordered a pair of clear lenses for my RayBan 2180, they arrived in a timely manner even though I did express post them 3 days to be exact to Melbourne. The product was exactly as described on the site here and the cheapest alternative I could find around! fits great took a whole to get one side in but with a bit of help of some spot heating we got there!! Very happy.



Excellent service all round

After cracking a lens on my favourite polarized out of production Ray Bans, I came across Sunglass Fix online. The ordering process was very simple and within minutes I'd ordered a replacement pair of lenses. I was very happy when the lenses arrived in the UK within days of ordering and after following the replacement instructions online, which are excellent, I can now wear my beloved sunglasses again. The lens quality is excellent. Thank you Sunglass fix.

Porthleven, Cornwall, UK
Amazing Product!

After I broke a lens in my Mosley Tribes I thought they were trashed. I found your website online and was able to order a replacement pair of polarized lenses for a great price. The communication was fast and accurate and my lens arrived exactly on the expected delivery date!

Lou Z
A brilliant product and service.

Hi, just a quick email to express my absolute delight on receiving and fitting the new lenses. They are fantastic and have given my Oakley Fives a new lease of life. They look brand new again. The shipping was a day over 2 weeks so well within the expected time frame. I will not hesitate to use you again should the need arise and will recommended to all that listen. A brilliant product and service.

Paul Beaumont
Lancashire. UK
Quick service and incredible product

My husband ordered a pair of lenses recently and suggested I do the same to replace my very scratched lenses from my favourite sunnies. Ordered them on Tuesday night and they arrived in Canberra on Friday. Popping out the old ones and putting in the new ones could not have been easier. I am beyond impressed with the quick service and incredible product. Would highly recommend to anyone including my friends and family overseas. 10/10. 5 stars. A+

Canberra, ACT
Very Satisfied

I bought these replacement Driver Gradient lenses to replace my polarized ones. I had a pair of each in the same frame style. For some reason, I cannot wear polarized lenses. Nausea, dizziness, blurry vision, instant eyestrain and headache. Possibly due to eye operation. Did not want o part with these Serengeti frames. Lenses are just about a perfect match for the originals. Slight color difference, and not photochromatic, but not a big deal. No eyestrain, very relaxed feeling, excellent vision. Saved my favorite frames.

Dennis Schuller
Grand Isle, Vermonr
Great service and price

I had been looking for replacemnet lenses for my Oakley sunglasses for some time. Discontinuted by Oakley. I did sent to a company here in the UK who said they could replace them for me, twice the failed. Then i found Sunglass Fix. Sent my sunglasses half way aroung the world, excelent service, perfect fit and almost half the price of in the uk. Really pleased Thank You

Andrew Evans
How did you do that ??

First class customer service. easy website to find replacement lens.. Unbelievable delivery. Interstate delivery in 24 hours

Brad Vidler
Minyama, Queensland
New Ray Ban lenses for my RB 4173 601

In Europe nowhere to find new lenses for my Ray Ban 4173 / 601. So with a little hestitation I ordered these at Sunglass Fix. At the order confirmation they told me delivery would take about 3 weeks. And just as promised, three weeks after the mailman delivered me the ordered sets for my Ray Ban. The package was very solid and well packed. There were no damages whats so ever ont he delivery. Thanks very much,..... Greetings Theo from the Netherlands

Horst Netherlands
Massively impressed!!

My experience started with an online enquiry about replacement lenses as I could not match the model specs. The reply was almost immediate and clearly listed what my options were with prices. I chose the home pick up option and everything went exactly as expected with super fast turn around. Communication was fantastic and the personal touches makes you feel like they truly care about your glasses. Well done Sunglass Fix team - the best consumer experience I have had for a very long time.

James Fordyce
Five star service & product

No need to look any further, these guys do the business. Great service & price, plus super fast turn around. Lenses fitted perfect & glasses look like new. A BIG THANKS TO Craig who made & inspected. Will recommend & use you guys again.

Perth Aus
Perfect lenses and very informative

Any one out there who had expensive sunglasses and gave up on them this is the place . Bought lenses for my dng shades . Got delivered .. and they perfect. Would reccomend them highly

Replaced RB Wayfarer Lenses, plus upgraded to polorised

Brilliant Service and Lens's. It's a breath of fresh air to find a useful service, at a reasonable price and experience a very smooth transaction. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Justin Warwick
Salford, UK
New life to my Ray Bans!

After several years of constant use, and wearing them while riding my motorcycle, the lenses on my favorite Ray Bans looked like I had placed them on a belt sander! LOL! After researching lens replacement options, I found this site and admittedly was a little skeptical at first. However, after checking everything out thoroughly, I decided to go ahead and buy a pair of lenses. My questions were promptly responded to and the shipping updates were spot on. The lenses arrived here in the U.S. well packaged and undamaged and within a couple of weeks! That is fast for traveling halfway around the world! Anyway, the new lenses fit great and appear to be just as good if not better quality than my original lenses. The fit was spot on and the frames required only a few minor tweaks to hold them securely. They look great! They fit great! I am absolutely and completely satisfied with the whole entire process and am actually about to place another order for a set of colored lenses too. (the lenses I ordered were 'Smoke') Anyway, I highly recommend this company for replacement lenses and their customer service is outstanding!

Birmingham, Alabama
3rd purchase from 'The Sun-glass Fix'

This is my 3rd purchase from I've said it before and I'll say it again ... better than OEM lenses. An AUSTRALIAN company manufacturing in AUSTRALIA ... taking on the world & winning "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie"

Darren Klarich
Excellent service and support

SGF showed exemplary service and support with my Oakley TwoFace lenses. I had trouble getting the first set of replacement lenses to fit into the frames correctly. When I raised the issue I received very quick and friendly responses. I also received multiple sets of additional lenses with quick turn-around, including a set that were custom-sized for me. This was all done on trust that I would return the ones that didn't fit - which of course I did. it is always great to get the product you need at a good price, but it is uncommon to also get such quick, friendly and helpful service if you have an issue with the product. On this basis I would strongly recommend SDF as a company. Oh, and the lenses now fit and work really well to boot.

Paul Bryant
No better service, no better product!

Ray Ban is known to simply stop supporting their products, which is too bad since the products are so often worth keeping for a long time. I have three different varieties of them and I had fallen in love with the carbon fiber sunglasses they made a couple years back. This presented a problem however when the lenses themselves became unusable due to age, wear and tear. Ray Ban however had stopped supporting the model, and I was left to buy new sunglasses, but I could find nothing I liked as well. Enter Sunglass Fix! Not only did they have the type of lens I needed, but when I had any questions they were extremely quick to respond! I had to go over seas for an extended period of time, forgot my customer ID number, had no access to the email I used to contact them originally and they were still happy to contact me back and help me out quickly. The customer service was amazing. When I finally got home to be able to install my lenses, the fit was perfect and the new lenses were in the sunglasses flawlessly! I now have two other pairs of lenses that need to be replaced and there is only one place to even go, Sunglass Fix! Thank you for everything!

Antonio Luna
Tampa, Florida
Custom made lenses for armani sunglasses

Great product. Lenses look great and can now wear my frames again. Service was excellent ( pickup and delivery of my frames ) and my frames with new custom lenses installed, arrived back in just over a week. Highly recommend this company.

George Elakis
Fantastic product/service

I'm really happy with my purchase. Great customer service, fantastic product and speedily delivery. An absolute pleasure to deal! Highly recommended on all fronts!

Mark B
Melbourne, Victoria
Great find

The lenses on my favorite Mosley Tribes sunglasses were damaged and I was notvreadybtonpartvwith them. When searching online for a new pair I came across this site for replacement lenses. Worked out great. Lenses fit perfectly and look great. I was able to restore my favorite sunglasses for a tenth of the cost of new sunglasses. Love this company.

New York, NY, USA
Excellent Customer Service

I originally ordered the wrong lenses by mistake but once I called Michelle she instantly put me at ease by sending a pre-paid return postage envelope to send my sunglasses in and they even installed the correct lenses for me. My "New" Sunnies are fantastic quality and the whole process was so easy because of Michelle's excellent customer service. I would recommend The Sunglass Fix to anyone looking for new quality lenses. The next time I scratch my lenses or damage them I will be emailing Michelle for another pair. Thank you so much for your outstanding service. Dave

David O Brien


With thousands of raving fans year after year who love their new looking sunglasses we are so confident you too will love your sunglasses after replacing your lenses. If not we'll not only refund the lenses but we'll buy your old sunglass frames for $50. What are you waiting for?