Installing new sunglass replacement lenses in metal framed sunglasses falls into 3 categories:

  1. Frames that have screws to loosen the frame to remove and install new lenses
  2. Frames that do not have screws - See the plastic lens installation instructions as they are more applicable for these sorts of frames
  3. Clip in frames (see text instructions below)

Installation Instructions for Frames with Screws to Loosen Frames:

Current Video on How to Install Lenses in Metal Framed Sunglasses
Original Video on How to Install Lenses in Metal Framed Sunglasses

Installing Lenses in to Clip In Metal Framed Sunglasses like Oakley Half Wires

Please note: This also works for most plastic Clip in sunglasses too:
If you have installation instructions from the manufacturer please follow those as techniques can vary from model to model.
Step 1: Install the clip on the outside lens into the arm side leaving the nose portion out.
Step 2: Bend lens slightly to get the nose portion into nose slot
Step 3: Push the lens in along the top portion of the rim so it snaps into place ensuring the nose and arm clips remain in their slots
Step 4: Inspect Lens and ensure no front bevels are showing along rim and that the lens fits in the rim area along the nose and arm portions in their designated slots. If so you are done. If they aren't try to push and adjust the lenses into position or carefully remove the lens and start over at step 1
Please contact us if you have any concerns or are having any problems installing your new sunglass lenses from The Sunglass Fix.