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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions about The Sunglass Fix's Products and Services

Hi Mike, if you use PayPal express (hit the yellow button) rather than going through the entire checkout and then hitting PayPal you won't have to enter address information.

PayPal express is the only option that will bring back you shipping information to websites. Traditional PayPal payments act just like a credit card in that you can put whatever address you want then use PayPal just to pay. The information you enter on our site remains the primary information for shipping.  


Hope that helps, Craig

Unfortunatley The Sunglass Fix is unable to make single mask lenses that cover both eyes. The frames must support two separate lenses.  We are hoping that we will have this technology in the future but at the present time the only option we can point you to is contacting the oriiginal manufacture. If they are unable to help you please consider getting sunglases with two lenses for your next purchase and The Sunglass Fix will keep them scratch free for years.

Sorry, we can not make single lenses that cover both eyes.

Hi, we have an area dedicated on our site to DIY Repairs.

As for cleaning lenses, we would suggest that periodically you use warm, soapy water to clean your sunglass frames and lenses.

Before you start with your dishes and the water is clean, pop in your sunglasses and use your fingers to rub the lenses and frame and clean off any grime build up.

Once complete, use your microfiber cloth to dry them off and remove any excess water.


Clean lenses with tissues or any paper product. They are extremely abrasive and will scratch them.

Clean them with your shirt.  While I do it all the time you just need to ensure it's a soft, non  abrasive material if you choose to do so. Some fabrics are abrasive. Newr cotten t-shirts are usually ok but as they get older or dirty they can become abrasive.

I also always try to use the inside of my shirt as that's typically cleaner. Remember, sand and dirt do not mix well with lenses and the pressure applied during cleaning can be enough that a sharp small object will scratch any lens material made today.


The Sunglass Fix prefers that customers place an order before shipping their sunglasses in for new custom made lenses. We handle a lot of sunglasses at any point in time. In order for us to process your orders efficiently and keep our cost down we need to be able to open a job and work on it until it is ready for return delivery.

If we have to call up customers to figure out what lenses they want, collect payments, and get an order into the system the time it takes increases dramatically. This holds up other customers getting their work completed and increases our cost which will eventually have to be passed on by our raising prices.

The Sunglass Fix designs, shapes, packages, and ships all of its lenses from it's central lab in Australia. We calculate that this is approximately 70% of the final product components which legally allows us to state they are Australian Made.

We also use 100% Green energy (renewable energy) to run our entire Australian lab making our lenses one of the best environmental choices available for consumers.

We do source some raw materials from overseas. For example, we source our polarzation film from Japan.  We feel they have one of the best performing and natural film available.

We also have contract manufactures overseas that product our lens raw materials. However, then entire lens manufacturing process is strictly controlled on all levels of the production process ensuring we only produce Grade A lenses for all of our customers.

We pride ourselves in quality delivered at the most cost effective level possible.

In the rare case you do have a fit problem please do the following:

  1. Please ensure you've watched the Installation Videos Here.
  2. Call us or email us on
  3. Please Provide:
  • Complete model number of your sunglasses. This is usually found on the left inside arm of your sunglasses. If you have discovered you ordered the wrong lenses still contact us. We will exchange them for you. A $10 restocking fee may apply as we have to reship and repackage the incorrectly ordered lenses.
  • Description of the problem:
    • Too Large
    • Too Small
    • Not even the right shape
    • Damaged during Transit
    • Wrong colour and so on.

Our goal is to help customers get new lenses in their sunglasses.  We will do almost anything to ensure this happens.

Customers wanting Custom Made lenses or just having us install the lenses for you can take as little as 1.5 weeks but generally longer due to the postal time involved with getting your frames back and forth to our lab.

We strive to turn around the jobs, once they are in our lab, in 2-4 Business days. Complex jobs, such as rimless or clip in sunglasses, can take longer.
We will normally contact you after 5 business days if the jobs require more time.
Making lenses is more complex than you imagine and the average jobs takes well over an hour to complete. Additionally, we have no control on when people decide to return their sunglasses too us. Some days we get a few pairs in, other days over 20.
If you are in a hurry please contact us or write on the outside of the package URGENT and include a note as to why and when you need them and we will do what we can to accommodate your request.

Example of an Australian Pick up and Delivery Service.

Day - 1   Order Placed before 1:30 pm.  Pick up Kit Sent Out
Day -2-4 Pick up Kit in Mail
Day 4 Pick Up Kit Arrives and Mailed Back to The Sunglass Fix Express Post
Day 5-6 Travel Time for Express Post.  2 Days required from most destinations as we are outside network.
Day 7,8  Normal Turn Around Time
Day 9-11 Normal Expected Shipping Time via Registered Post for East Coast Customers.
Total Time 2 Weeks:

Examaple of Order where Customer Ships In:

Day-1 Order Placed and Sunglasses Shipped
Day2-3 Postal Time Express Post
Day 4-5 Normal Lens Processing Time
Day 6-8 Return Postage
Total Time 1.5 Weeks

Example of International Custom Made Lenses:

Day-1 Order Placed and Sunglasses Shipped
Day 1-8 International 1st Class Post Shipping from West Coast USA (add 5 Days from East Cost or Europe)
Day 9-10 Normal Lens Processing Time
Day 11-19 Return 1st Class Post
Total Time 4-5 Weeks.
You can visit our contact us page or use the information below to contact The Sunglass Fix.
Skype Call: Skype Me?!    
Direct Emai : (use this if you need to send photos)
Toll Free in Australia: 1800-SUNFIX (786-349) Outside Australia: +61 260 090908
USA domestic number forwarded to Australia 1-530-562-4800 - (3PM -1AM PST Only Please)
Time In Byron Bay Australia


Mailing Label for The Sunglass Fix polarized sunglass replacement lenses

PO Box 28
Ocean Shores
NSW, 2483 Australia
Australian Business Number: 63797461929

The Sunglass Fix will email you as soon as it's physically dispatched. Almost all orders placed before 1pm Australian Eastern Time are dispatched on the same business day. Mondays can be an exception due to processing of weekend orders. Orders placed on Monday after 10am are usually processed on Monday but ship on Tuesday.

If you have not received an order receipt by email within 20 minutes of ordering please check your junk/spam box first. If the email still can not be found contact us. Most likely the email was entered into our system incorrectly and we will fix it for you and reissue your receipt.
Additionally, an order processed email letting you know the order was shipped will be sent to you. For Lens Only orders you can expect this towards the close of the same or next business day of your order. Please keep in mind weeekends, holidays, and the time difference as Australia is 1 day ahead and a few hours behind places like US and Europe.
If you can not locate the emails then please contact us here.
Once the goods are dispatched please wait for 1 week longer than the expected shipping timeframe to expire before contacting us. The package will be in transit and we will have limited or no information for you. 1st Class Mail is very dependable but we have no idea which airport your package may be sitting in. However, rest assured, we will ensure you receive your goods.
Things Customers can Double  Check:
1) Your Receipt and Confirmation of Shipping notifications will have your shipping address on it.  Ensure it is correct, Our systems print out exactly what is on these electronic invoices in the shipping address area. If there are any errors please contact us immediately as we may be able to correct the error before the lenses are dispatched but once shipped it is out of our control and we may require waiting for the post to return these packages before reshipping. This can take months from some parts of the world.
2) Check your Spam and Junk Emails.  They are aggressive these days as we all know how prolific email spam is.  Many times our emails end up there.
If you have not received any email correspondence from us once an order is placed, and have checked your SPAM folder, then most likely a typographical error was made when your email address was inputted. Please contact us and we will correct it and re-mail your information.
Also, you can always log into your account and review historical invoices and order status.
We try to keep it simple so your last name is your account and your Email address used during ordering is your password. Click here to go to our Customer Self Administration area.

No, we do not have any branding on our lenses.

The Sunglass Fix operates just like an optometrist.  We manufactures and source premium quality sunglass lenses and shape them to fit all sunglass makes and models.* We do not have any affiliation with any sunglass manufacturers. Instead, we just make great lenses for all frames like an optometrist would but at a fraction of the price.
We started this business because the majority of sunglass manufactures have limited or no after sale support. In other words, it is near impossible, extremely difficult and expensive to get lenses or repairs from many manufactures. 
The Sunglass Fix felt it was an enormous waste of the earths resources and customers money to have to dispose of perfectly good frames when they could be restored to near new condition with replacement lenses.
I think you'll agree once you try our services. Customers are amazed on a regular basis how great their sunglasses look and perform after getting a set of our lenses installed. 
If you require original lenses we suggest you contact either the retail outlet where your purchased the sunglasses or contact the manufacturer directly.
However, if you just want great performing lenses, we are here to help.


Sorry, due to the extremely high cost AMEX charges us, (ariound 6% of the sale), we can not accept it and keep our prices low. However, we do accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and most Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard emblem. 

If you use PayPal you may find you can fund your PayPal account with many other payment options.

Contact your card company first and tell them to cancel your card because it's been stolen. Then contact us so that we can liaise with your card company to get the money refunded.

It's important to point out, as most consumers do not realize this, The Sunglass Fix, not the credit card company's bear the entire cost of this theft.  We loose our product and have to refund the money.  The credit card companies take no responsibility when their products are misused.
However, since all our payments go through a rigorous payment processing using PayPal's credit card facilities it is highly unlikely a stolen card or card information could be used.
Returns and Exchanges Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Sunglass Fix may charge $10.00 for each pair of lenses that require restocking. This fee does not apply if The Sunglass Fix is at fault or the product is defective.

We try to do everything to ensure customers get great products at a great price. We provide free worldwide shipping and perform exchanges for customers for any reasons they may have to help ensure you get what you want.

However, one of our biggest operational cost is fulfilling orders multiple times due to customers wanting a different colour or ordering the wrong lenses for their sunglasses. Restocking the returned lenses is harder than it sounds. When lenses are returned they have to be carefully inspected for damage, repackaged and labeled, and put back into inventory. Many times the lenses have to be discarded due to poor packing on the customers side.

Please understand. we try our best to understand how the problem occurred. If it's our responsibility in any way there will be no fee. However, if customers ordered the wrong size or colour we the restocking fee will be charged.


If the products were damaged in-transit then please contact us and we'll exchange them for you or refund you in full when they are returned.

We have been mailing lenses around the world for 7 years now so have designed our mail packaging in a manner that makes this an extremely rare case.

The Sunglass Fix will exchange your lenses for the correct model or a different color or refund you in full upon return of the incorrect lenses.

In both cases a $10.00 restocking fee may apply.
  • Order Number off your Invoice
  • The complete model number off your sunglasses
  • Reason for Exchange or Refund request.
The Sunglass Fix will get back to you within 24hr during business hours with instructions for how to proceed.

The Sunglass Fix has a 6 month return policy.

If for any reason you are not happy with the product you can return the lenses for a refund.
Return shipping is not reimbursed by The Sunglass Fix.
Please Email us at:
Order Number 
Full Name
Reason for Return
Some returns may be subject to a $10.00 restocking fee.
Shipping/Delivery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We strive to make replacing your lenses an economically viable option over buying a new pair. That's why we offer free shipping to all countries in the world.

However, our free shipping uses First Class Air Mail.  This is a non trackable server. We have been using 1st Class Air mail for over eight years and find it's extremely reliable when complete and accurate addresses are entered in the system.

Tracking service is aviailble as a check out option as an additional expense. If for some reason tracking is not avaible to your country (usually this implies your country has not updated it's postal system to the global trackign standard) we will notify you and refund the tracking service fee or entire order if you do not want us to ship without tracking.

All orders ship on same or next business day and all shipments outside of Australia travel by 1st Class Air Mail using Australia Post.

Australian orders take 2-6 days to arrive and travel 1st class post.

International orders vary based on postal times. 
Please see our shipping page for estimated delivery time frames to your area.

The Sunglass Fix uses Australia Post for all of its shipments.

All international shipments travel by 1st Class Air Mail.
All shipments of lenses are not trackable. International tracking starts at $60 so is cost prohibitive and only tells you what airport the package is sitting in. 
We assumed most people would rather have free shipping than to know what airport the package is sitting in.
We have been using this mailing service for 7 years and the product loss is extremely rare. 
We suggest the following to ensure quick delivery:
1) Double check your address on your email receipt.  This delivery address is the Exact Address our computer systems used to print you mailing label.  Contact us immediately if it requires any changes or clarifications.
2) Try to avoid shipping to work addresses.  Of the few packages that have not been delivered, the majority have been sent to work addresses.  We feel most of them are lost within the internal mail at the work addresses.

Shipping for Replacement lenses is free to any destination in the world.

While most orders are shipped on the same or next business day, shipping times vary around the world.
Shipping within Australia takes 2-5 business with some remote areas taking a few extra days.
International destinations vary.  
If you want us to install or lenses or custom make you a pair of lenses shipping charges apply.
Within Australia:
- You have two options:  
1) If you mail in your frames there is a $7.95 charge for us to return your frames.
2) In Australia we also have our pick up and delivery service.  We mail you out a flat packed box, packing material, and a pre-paid return envelope. We then return the complete sunglasses back to you. This service cost $14.95.  Either Option is selected by customers during checkout.
Outside of Australia:
We have no ability to send out a pick up kit and it would take way too long. Instead customers send in their own frames and we charge $7.95 to return your sunglasses using 1st Class Air Mail.
Please visit our shipping page to get more detailed information on shipping cost and timeframes.

Award Winning Lens Quality

Winner of Australian Customer Service Awards 3 Years in a Row

The Sunglass Fix was awarded the first ever "Three Peat" award for the highest ranking for its products and services at The Australian Customer Services Awards.This awards is granted to us based on independent customer feedback gathered by the independant organisation.

Still question our quality.  See what our customers have to say about it.

We also have many indepent reviews we've accumulated from our great customers. We hope this helps you understand that replacing the lenses in your sunglasses can be a easy, economical way to keep your sunglass performing as good, if not better than new for years to come.

Please click to visit our Facebook page, find special offerings, and read what other customers have thought about The Sunglass Fix's products and services Google reivews for the sunglass fix


Largest Selection


Largest Selection

Over 42,000 Sunglass Lens Models

The Sunglass Fix has over 42,000 sunglass lens models ready to ship on any given day.

If you can not find lenses for your frames please contact us or feel free to order Custom Made or Installed Lenses and we'll make a pair and install them for you for the same great price. We will need your frames in the lab so some minor shipping charges apply.

Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide


Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide

Lenses are Shipped Same or Next Day Anywhere in World for Free

Our Replacement lenses are shipped anywhere in the world for free. All lenses are designed and  produced from our central lab in Australia and shipped to your doorstep.

We ship lenses on the same or next business day and while shipping times vary the quality of our lenses will be well worth the wait.

Custom Made or Installed Lenses do have a minor shipping charge as your frames will need to be sent into our lab and returned to you.

More information on shipping timeframes is here.

Saving Money and Resources


Saving Money and Resources

Over 80,000 Pairs of Sunglasses Saved from Landfills

Did you know that in some cases you can save over 90% by replacing your sunglass lenses instead of buying a new pair of sunglasses?
What if you can get a higher quality lenses than your originals?  Every wished you had polarized lenses instead of regular lenses in your frames?
Well, you've found the right place. The Sunglass Fix offers premium quality replacement lenses and ships them around the world for free. Our lens Quality is incredible and installing your new replacement lenses is usually much easier than you would have ever imagined. 

Lenses Shipped Free Worldwide

Replacement Lenses are shipped anywere in the world for free. Free shipping does not include tracking but is very reliable.  Tracking is available at checkout but we feel this added feature is not necessary based on our 8 years of shipping experience.

Custom Made or Installed lens servicers do require a minor shipping charge.  We must have your frames in order to make and install your lenses.

Map of shipping timeframes around the World from The Sunglass Fix's lab in Australia


Award Winning Quality


Award Winning Quality

Upgrade your sunglasses to a better performing, scratch free lens.



Installation Service Available


Installation Service Available

The Sunglass Fix is happy to install your sunglass lenses for you.


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