23 April 2013 - Who Will Stun Audiences at This Years Kentucky Derby?

The historic Kentucky Derby was created in 1875, and much of the credit must go to Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. who spearheaded the development of the race was instrumental in finding the funding to build what would become Churchill Downs.  Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has grown into a true global phenomenon.  People around the world now watch this short, two-minute race of the world’s top three-year-old horses to see which one will stun audiences. 

Attending the race in person is a treat, but you do need to make sure you can see all the action; after all, this race is only two-minutes long.  That means you want the best sunglasses as well as the best sunglass lenses, with designer frames such as Prada or Oakley giving you the best frame and lenses.  You better have them on when the race begins!  As you look around the racetrack, you will see such classic looks as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer well represented being so popular at the moment.

At The Sunglass Fix, we want to make sure that you are always ready for big events, such as the Kentucky Derby.  So if the day ever comes that you damage your sunglass lenses, we can help as we can ship new lenses anywhere in the world for free.

23 April 2013 - Will the Prada Heritage Cat Eye Sunglasses Become Another Icon?

Thanks to cat eye sunglasses lenses, women have been looking a little more beautiful for over 50 years.  These iconic and brilliantly conceived and designed sunglasses look just as good now as they did when they first caused a stir in the 1950's.  Cultural icons ranging from Princess Grace and Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe have all made the most out of these cat powered shades. 

Now, some of today©s leading ladies, such as Jessica Alba, are turning to the cool lines and design of the cat eye lenses to help them make the most out of their stunning looks.  Like Wayfarer sunglasses, Cat Eye sunglasses are timeless.

Also just like Ray-Ban's Wayfarer sunglasses, Cat Eye sunglasses have stood the test of time and are instantly recognized. Prada yet again leads the way in fashion with a classic Prada Heritage Cat-Eye Sunglass model that is classic, timeless and classy. We think these will be a keeper for anyone who buys them and become quite an icon for years to come.

So if you're investing in these sunglasses for the upcoming summer season or have any other designer frames where you lenses may be scratched or damaged but the frames are still in great shape, turn to us to easily and simply replace your sunglass lenses.  We can send you regaular or polarized replacement lenses for free anywhere in the globe.  We©ll get you new lenses with cat like speed when you need them!

15 April 2013 - Tiger Woods Wears his Nike Seige2 at The Masters Tournament

There are a lot of things that you can expect to see at the Masters Golf Tournament, which is being held now in August, Georgia April 8-14.  You will see some of the world’s greatest golfers, such as 24 year old Russell Henley who is making his Masters Tournament debut, the legendary Tiger Woods, Australia’s Jason Day as well as South Africa’s Tim Clark, and many others.  You will also see plenty of savvy sunglasses choices! 

Professional golfers know the incredible importance of opting for great eyewear.  The right sunglasses can make a tremendous difference out on the golf course.  While the golfers come from diverse backgrounds, this a point they all agree upon.  When it comes to sunglass lenses, it is tough to beat polarized lenses as they filter out harsh sunlight and glare providing ultra clear vision to see that gold ball.  Manufacturers ranging from Nike and Oakley to Arnette and Ray-Ban all manufacture impressive sunglasses lenses including polarized lenses.



What should you do if your sunglass lenses ever become damaged?  In the past, people were quick to toss away their sunglasseses f they became scratched, broken or damaged with no options available. But today there are options! That's why we started The Sunglass Fix, to solve your problems by providing high-quality replacement lenses for free anywhere in the world.  You’ll get your sunglass lenses quickly and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your sunglasses.  You can take that extra money and get out there on the green and have some fun!

15 April 2013 - Nicki Minaj Charts Her Own Sunglass Lens Style

Hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj has certainly rocketed to stardom in recent years.  Her music career has included a nod by BET in 2010, as she won Best Hip-Hop Female at the BET Awards.  But Minaj’s life has not always been easy.  She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to the New York City when she was five.  Her father was a violent drug addict that at one point attempted to kill the family.  Yet, Minaj overcame early problems in life, attended the famous La Guardia High School of Art and Music, and her career blossomed after being introduced to rapper Lil Wayne.

Now, Minaj has a very high profile position as a judge on American Idol.  This exposure on American Idol has helped Minaj become a true fashion icon.  Minaj’s ability to successfully pull off a range of different looks has helped her get noticed in a major way by the fashion industry.  Frequently, Minaj wears sunglasses that feature a variety of interesting sunglass lenses.

High quality sunglass lenses, such as those manufactured by Arnette, Ray-Ban such as the Wayfarer, Prada and other designer brands are designed to last and make for a great investment.  Protecting that investment is important, and we can help!



15 April 2013 - Designer Sunglasses Are Worth The Investment

When it comes to buying sunglasses, the only real way to go is to choose designer sunglasses. Here is why: designer sunglasses don’t use low quality plastic and other materials and the lenses are designed to international standards that provide optimal protection for eyes. Cheap eyewear doesn’t care about giving you superior optics and can actually damage your eyes without the proper UV protection. Quality eyewear means opting for designer eyewear.

Inexpensive sunglasses won’t give you great quality sunglass lenses. Polarized lenses are worth spending extra money to get. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized lenses are remarkably effective at cutting down on glare and bright light and gives superior eye comfort when outdoors. This, of course, makes them an absolute must have when you need to have excellent vision.

We specialize in providing you with quick yet high quality sunglass lenses replacements, including polarized lenses. These lenses can be shipped for free anywhere in the world, meaning that the next time you damage your sunglass lenses you don’t have to buy new and expensive designer sunglasses. Instead you can turn to us and save money, trouble and a good deal of time!



14 April 2013 - How Sunglass Manufacturers Make a Difference To The Lives of Others

Giving back to the world has never been more important!  Today there are so many important causes out there that it can be difficult for one to know where to begin.  But three sunglass manufacturers have found smart and helpful ways to give back in style.

Panda Sunglasses is helping in a big way, thanks to their work with the TOMA Foundation.  Every time you buy a pair of Panda Sunglasses, they help the TOMA Foundation give a pair of free glasses or medical care to someone in need.

Another sunglass manufacturer that is giving back is Wild Soul through their Wild Soul Elephant Ivory Sunglasses.  Just buy a pair of these great sunglasses, and they’ll donate five dollars to the charity you choose.

A third manufacturer giving back to the community is Kenny Chesney and Costa.  Kenny Chesney expanded their line of Costa sunglasses with five limited edition options.  When you buy one, a percentage of the sale goes to the Coastal Conservation Association which works to restore the American coastline.

We at The Sunglass Fix can help save tons of sunglasses go to landfill every year by helping our customers recycle their sunglasses and replacing the lenses in sunglasses, and we save you money too!



2 April 2013 - Professional Fisherman Kevin VanDam Gets Help From Polarized Lenses

Pro athletes around the world understand the value of selecting the right polarized sunglasses and bass fisherman Kevin VanDam has noted just how important his relationship with his Oakley sunglasses has been to his success. Great tools translate into the opportunity for great performances. This is exactly why bass fishing legend VanDam has chosen to wear polarized sunglass lenses.

Thanks to this greater clarity of vision and a reduction in glare from Polarized Lenses the reaction times are improved and more information can be gathered. Both of these factors are essential for great athletic performances and have helped VanDam become a legend. Polarized lenses not only afford VanDam exceptional protection for the sun’s rays and the water’s glare, but also allow him to see the fish more enhanced clarity.


The right tools are an investment. So when you damage or scratch your sunglass lenses, don’t throw them away. Instead of throwing away your sunglasses, you should instead turn to us. We can replace damaged sunglass lenses for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing an entire pair. We can send your replacement lenses anywhere in the world at no extra cost, so you can get back out there on the water and make a record catch!

2 April 2013 - Do Children Really Need to Wear Sunglasses?

The first few years of life are critically important for the long term health of any child. This applies to your child’s vision as well!

Cheap fashion sunglasses that may be cute or trendy are bad news for any pair of eyes, but they can be particularly dangerous for young ones.  This is why you should select sunglasses and sunglasses lenses that are high-quality.  Experts have found that sunglasses do more than protect developing eyes from damage that can later lead to cataracts and macular degeneration.  Sunglasses and sunglass lenses can help protect the delicate areas around the eyes and this means a reduction in skin cancer risk.

Top manufacturers such as Arnette, Ray-Ban, Smith and Oakley all have very stylish sunglass options for children that provide sunglass lenses which protect against UV rays.  There are also many specialist childrens sunglass brands that can be found with a quick internet search.



Spending money on children's sunglasses can seem over the top but you can also protect your investment in sunglasses if they become scratched or damaged by having us replace your lenses.  This can save you big both in terms of time and money making them a very worthy investment.You can also easily heat the arms of your child's sunglasses in some very hot water (not boiling) to make them soft and pliable so you can make them fit a growing childs head.

2 April 2013 - Prince Charles Showing his Style in Timeless Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

Polarized lenses make great sense no matter where you are, but for some locations, polarized sunglasses couldn’t be a smarter or more necessary pick.  Really bright and intense sunny locations such as Australia, Africa and the Middle East where the UV rating is seriously high.

Recently, Prince Charles made a trip to the sunny nation of Oman, showing off his style in some Wayfarer looking sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer has been famous since the 1930s, but other manufacturers have their own Wayfarer inspired looks as well, such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Arnette, Gucci and many others.  Why?  Wayfarers don’t just look very cool; the large frames also provide a good deal of eye protection.  Combining polarized lenses with the large Wayfarer frame makes for an excellent and very effective duo.



Remember if you ever damage your Wayfarer sunglasses or any other sunglass lenses, we can send out a new set of lenses to make sure that you get them quickly and back in style ASAP!  You’ll save money and a great deal of time, and that will certainly help make your day a sunnier one.

2 April 2013 - Oakely Pitbull Sunglasses - Product of the Week

We carry a lot of great sunglass lenses replacements at The Sunglass Fix. As a result it can be a little tricky on just selecting one to be the Product of the Week. It was easier this week with the Oakley Pit Bull lenses.

The Pitbulls are winning over a lot of fans and for good reasons; they’re impressive in their versatility and very masculine with strong hinge joints and good eye coverage that wrap really tightly around the head so they don't fall off. Plus, they look great with virtually anything you wear, great for casual BBQ's or a night out on the town.


Oakley Pitbull Sunglass Replacement Lenses

There is no doubt that Oakley makes a great product, but even with great care, an active lifestyle can lead to damaging your scratching your sunglass lenses. That's where we come in! Just read what Jeff Kehoe had to say about us recently;

"Just got my fave William Rast sunglasses back here in Boston after sending to you in Australia for custom cut replacement lenses. You guys are the bomb. Thank you!”

No matter whether you need lens replacements for your Oakley's, Arnette sunglasses, Ray Ban Wayfarer, William Rast, Prada, Gucci or a range of other manufacturers, remember that we have you covered. We can save a tremendous amount of time and money and still get the same great lenses you need!

Check out Oakley Pitbull Lenses here;