23 May 2013 - How to Protect Your Vision & Wrinkles Year Round!

At one time, a spa was thought of as being something of a retreat designed for some serious relaxation. But today, the term spa applies to many different treatments in locations ranging from far away exotic locations to your local mall. Spas have lots of ways to protect and repair your skin, but did you know by wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses can help reduce wrinkles?

That's right, by avoiding the sun at peak hours, wearing a hat, eating more antioxidant rich foods and selecting the right sunglass lenses are all great steps in the right direction. Larger sunglasses frames, such as Wayfarer and Cat Eye sunglasses, will protect more of the area around your eyes and protect the sun damaging the soft skin around the eyes that can lead to wrinkles later on.



Also sunglasses from top manufacturers, such as D&G and Prada, will provide optimal UV protection. Those looking for enhanced vision will love what polarized sunglasses can do for them. What are polarized sunglasses? They are specifically designed to filter out glare and that means sharper, crisper vision and calm, soft eyes free of wrinkles.




The Sunglass Fix specializes in providing you with polarized sunglass lens replacement wherever you live anywhere in the world. Shipping is always free.

Our goal is to save you money and time and let you keep your favorite sunglasses and lovely soft, wrinkle free eyes!

23 May 2013 - Get Stylish With Revo 4054

Are you passionate about designer sunglasses? Well, get your hands on the Revo 4054 and get stylish with these ultra sunglasses. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this pair of sports sunglasses has been designed to offer unparallel performance.  Made with Element Shed, this pair of unique sunglasses stays cleaner for longer, as the dirt, moisture and oil easily roll off the surface of the lens.

Revo is a world-renowned brand, popular for manufacturing the highest quality optical polarized lenses. In Revo 4054, you have a top brand pair of sunglasses that stands out from the rest in terms of style, design, and durability.  Revo’s polarized lenses have an anti-reflective coating and are designed using Revo Polarcast Technology, which is the trademark technique for designing the clearest most advanced polarized.



Are you wondering what are polarized lenses?

Well, high contrast polarizations selectively filters light and blocks unwanted glare, thus enabling you to see vivid, clear, and natural colors. You would be amazed to find how comfortable polarized sunglasses are so why not upgrade your sunglass lenses today to see and feel the difference.

At The Sunglass Fix, we are now offering replacement lenses for Revo 4054. So if you've invested in a great pair of Revo sunglasses but have scratched lenses, visit our website to get them replaced, it so easy!

Click here to see replacemetn lenes for Revo 4054 Sunglasses

23 May 2013 - Will You Be Wearing Ray-Ban Aviators at the French Tennis Open Like Novak Djokovic?

The French Open is just around the corner. So are you all set to watch your favorite tennis stars in action at Roland Garros this season? Well, if you really want to enjoy your day out in the open watching iconic tennis stars compete against their biggest competitors, don’t forget to wear a stylish pair of sunglasses. You'll not only be making a style statement, but also be safeguarding your eyes from the harsh sun with quality polarized sunglass lenses.

Polarized sunglasses will offer your eyes the ultimate protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and glare reflected from shining surfaces while you are busy watching the players in action. What sunglasses will you be wearing? Super tennis starts like Novak opt for Ray-Ban Aviators.



If you already own a pair of great set of sunglasses but need to upgrade the lenses, we can help. We have a huge inventory of over 20,000 replacement sunglass lenses to choose from. Take your pick and enjoy sporting your favorite sunglasses to the French Open, or maybe decorate them with your favorite players name like this fan!



14 May 2013 - It's Time to Win Big with The Sunglass Fix Photo Contest

At The Sunglass Fix we want to do what we can to protect your vision and help you save money.  This is why we are pleased to announce our The SunglassFIX Photo Contest.  If you’ve never entered a contest before, then this is the one for you.  Why?  All you have to do is Like us on Facebook and upload a picture of yourself or a friend or family member wearing sunglasses.  Visit our Facebook Contest TO ENTER HERE.

So what great prizes are we offering?  The Grand Prize is a gift certificate for designer sunglasses.  Other prizes include a new set of The Sunglass Fix’s Ultimate Polarized Sunglass Lenses that so many of our customers rave about.  Once you’ve tried polarized lenses you’ll love them, they relax your eyes and provide the best comfort.  At The Sunglass Fix we can ship you replacement lenses anywhere in the world for free and get them to you quickly. We have the largest selection of replacement lenses in the world!

So join in the fun!  We'll see you on Facebook.



14 May 2013 - Take These Awesome Looking Sunglasses Everywhere-The Ray-Ban Predators

You have to have some serious confidence to name a product "predator,” but with the Ray-Ban Predators, the name is most definitely fitting. The Predator's styling has an edge, but is also infused with enough hints of the "go anywhere” styling that have made the Wayfarers so legendary and well widely used.

Selecting the Ray-Ban Predators as our sunglasses of the week was an easy decision due to the tremendous flexibility of these eyeglasses and their high-quality engineering. Putting polarized lenses in the Predators only serves to enhance their usefulness. What are polarized lenses? Polarized lenses are designed with impressive technology that allows for harsh light and glare to be filtered out. The end result is clearer vision and an easier time seeing the environment. There are many options when it comes to sunglasses lenses, but you can be sure that polarized lenses are an exceptional option.



We can help you protect the investment that you’ve made or will make in your Predator sunglasses. All Ray-Ban sunglasses lenses are tough, but if do ever scratch or damage your lenses as glass breaks quite easily, we can ship you new replacement lenses to fit your Ray Bans anywhere in the world and do it for free. Saving you money, effort and precious time is what we are all about.

14 May 2013 - Get the Most Safety Out of Your Sunglasses

With all the sports and outdoor activity about to launch upon us with Spring blooming it's important to pause for a moment to reflect on just how important our vision is to our well being.  Most sport’s related eye and vision injuries are preventable. By opting for the right kind of protective eyewear, it is possible to reduce one’s risk of injury.  It is extremely important for children to have protective eyewear no matter what sport they are playing. 

Sunglass lenses can definitely play a role in helping to protect eyesight.  Sunglasses lenses from the top quality manufacturers, such as Oakley, Revo, Prada and Arnette, use such high tech lenses as polycarbonate sunglass lenses and polarized lenses.  Polycarbonate lenses are important as they are highly durable and absorb impact.  Ray-Ban primarily use glass lenses so they aren't as safe to use for sporting activities. Polarized lenses are also highly useful as they filter out harsh light.  Once harsh light and glare is filtered out, it is possible to get a better view of the action and this, of course, means enhanced reaction time.

Keeping your sport’s glasses ready and on hand is critical in protecting your eye health.  If your sunglass lenses become damaged for any reason, you don’t have to replace them.  Instead, you can turn to The Sunglass Fix and we can ship you high-quality replacement lenses anywhere in the world, ready for action.



13 May 2013 - Why The New Ray-Ban Wayfarer are Our Product of the Week.....

Like many of your out there we LOVE the Ray-Ban RB5184 so it's our product of the week. The New Wayfarer takes the DNA of the iconic Wayfarer and infuses it with a spark of new energy. The end result are some pretty hip and stylish sunglasses.

One of the key reasons that we made the RB5184 our Product of the Week is that these sunglasses are highly versatile because there are many different frame colors. When combined with their established good looks and "go anywhere,” the innovative design makes them a perfect fit for the Product of the Week.



Adding to their versatility is the fact that these frames work great with polarized lenses. When combined with polarized lenses, the New Wayfarer offers great vision and a great field of view. Well sell way more polarized lenses than any other lens, I guess most of our customers know that these lenses do wonders for filtering out bright light, harsh light and glare of all kinds. If you want the best vision from your sunglasses, then you’ll want to try polarized lenses for glasses. At The Sunglass Fix, we can ship replacement lenses for sunglasses anywhere in the world and save you time and money in the process.

13 May 2013 - You'll need your shades for all the XGAMES action

The XGames have something for everyone. Whether you like snowboarding, skiing, Rallycross, BMX stunts, surfing or even snowmobile stunts. the XGames have you covered. The next XGames will be in sunny and warm Barcelona, Spain and is get the crowd roaring with over 200 athletes ready to wow the crowd.




Of course, the XGames are all about outdoor fun, and that means you’ll need to bring your sunglasses. With all the crazy angles the athletes gets you'll want to consider a seriously good pair of polarized sunglasses. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses filter out bright light and glare that comes from 180 degree angle so that you can easily see all the action, which, of course, makes them perfect for something like the XGames.

So if you've got a great set of shades like Ray Ban's, Oakley's or Arnettes that need the lenses replaced for this seasons action then check out our lens search engine to find your sunglass model and we can send you top quality lenses anywhere in the world, at great speed and for free. This way you can see all the action at outdoor events, such as the XGames.