26 August 2013 - Oakley Sunglasses Worn By Worlds Top Triathletes

The ITU World Triathlon Marathon is holding it©s next competition on August 24th and 25th in Stockholm, Sweden. The triathlon is one intense competition and being ready for it means an incredible amount of training but it also means the right eyewear. Eyewear manufacturers such as Oakley have realized that the world©s best triathletes need the best sunglass lenses and sunglasses due to all the time they spend outdoors. This is clearly part of the reason that Oakley has chosen to sponsor one of the world©s best triathletes, Javier Gomez Noya.



Participating and training for a triathlon translates into a tremendous amount of time outdoors. Opting for polarized lenses that protect from UV rays is a must. Polarized lenses are also essential for all of us ameatuer athletes because they filter glare and bright light to give wearers exceptional vision and precision.

So before you step out for your next ride or run make sure you've got the high quality polarized lenses. We can provide a quick and easy way to replace damaged, chipped or scratched lenses,and have a huge range of Oakley after market replacement lenses. We ship anywhere in the world for FREE so that you can easily repair your sunglasses and save a great deal of money.

26 August 2013 - Three Top Ways to Protect Your Eyes In Summer

We hope you're all having a little fun in the sun this summers in the Northern Hemisphere! 

BUT.....Did you realize the level of UV rays that your eyes receive depends on a great many different factors? This ranges from the season and time of day to your altitude and how close you are to the equator!

Here are three simple ways you can ensure you're giving your eyes the best chance possible;

1. The right dietary choices, such as eating more leafy greens, can help provide your body with the types of antioxidants it needs to protect your eyes.

2. Check your medications. Some medications such as tetracycline, sulfa drugs, birth control pills, diuretics and tranquilizers can increase the bodies sensitivity to UV

3. The right sunglasses are also essential for protecting your vision. Your sunglass lenses should protect your eyes from UV rays, wearing polarized lenses provide the best protection blocking out harmful UV rays from all directions.

No matter what time of the year, you should never be without your sunglasses, especially at high altitude as the suns rays are stronger the higher up you are. We can keep your favorite sunglasses in circulation all year round with a new pair of high quality lenses.  Shipping is always free and always fast. Through sunglass repair, you can keep your existing sunglasses and your eyes safe!

26 August 2013 - Get The Lady Gaga Sunglass Look As Seen At The MTV Video Music Awards!


Could it be that the MTV Video Music Awards are the most entertaining awards show on television? It is about far more than just cool celebs wearing designer clothes and sunglasses! Many people firmly believe that this awards show is one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting, of all the awards shows. It is easy to understand why many people feel this way. After all, the MTV Video Music Awards draw the biggest names from across the entertainment industry, like Lady Gaga, in a way that few other events can hope.



One of the key reasons that the MTV Video Music Awards are so memorable is of course the huge number of celebrities that attend. Wearing fashion forward designer sunglasses from manufacturers such as Ray- Ban, and Prada, attendees often opt for oversized sunglass lenses, such as the Wayfarer or twist on the Aviator sytle that Lady Gaga opted for, to give their eyes a little extra protection from the harsh lights of the runway.

So if you want to step into your life looking a touch like a celeb get the most out of your sunglasses investment by having us intstall new lenses to turn them into brand spanking new again! We can ship replacement sungl

26 August 2013 - Arnette AN4089- Our Product of the Week

You have to love the styling of the Arnette AN4089. There is no way around it, this styling is bold and makes great use of geometry literally at every turn. Great wrap around fit for a number of sports, especially cycling or mountain biking. In short, these polarized sunglasses will get noticed.



The right lenses matter a great deal when selecting a pair of sunglasses, and we definitely put the quality of construction and design at the top of our list when determining our The Sunglass Fix Product of the Week. Check out this weeks pick, AN4089 Here:


The large frame of the Arnette AN4089 like other large frame sunglasses, such as the Ray Ban Wayfarer, work exceptionally well for blocking out sunlight. Another reason that the Arnette AN4089 gets the nod as our Product of the Week is that it pairs very nicely with our polarized lenses. Polarized sunglasses filter out a range of glare and harsh light, meaning that wearers always get the best vision possible.


At The Sunglass Fix, we can help you save both money and time if you damage your lenses. We can ship you replacement lenses and shipping is always free!