Optical Screws 2 x 1.2mm and 2 x 1.4mm and 2 x 1.6mm to replace original frame or hinge screws.


(Includes Free Shipping)

Optical Screws to replace most sunglass hinge and frame screws:

  • 2  Screws that are 1.2mm in diameter and 4.0 mm long 
  • 2  Scrwes that are 1.4mm in diameter adn 6.0 mm long
  • 2 Screws that are 1.6mm in diameter and 4-5mm long
  • Screws are usually longer than required so they can be cut down to suit all applications. Wire cutters do this very easily.
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the world with purchase of lenses.  
  • Please NOTE - No Returns accepted for this product as they are provided and shipped for such a low cost. Please measure your current screw diameter before ordering. 
Please contact us if you have special requirements as we do have many other sizes of screws.

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