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On Trend: Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses

Remember the song by 60s pop icon Donovan, ‘Mellow Yellow’? Well, yellow seems to be making a comeback. We’ve seen a myriad of sunglasses trends come and go over the years, sometimes fleeting, other times less so: but today we’re going to be taking a look at yellow sunglasses specifically.

Making a splash on the runways late last year, it’s a fashion trend we expect to see carrying on into the summer, so we want to make sure you’re in the know with full awareness of the whys, whos, and hows. Our business is in knowing what’s hot and what’s not, so that, if and when your shades get scratched or damaged, we can make sure that we are fully stocked up with the right replacement sunglass lenses.

Man wearing yellow sunglasses

Yellow sunglasses are in vogue

Yellow lens sunglasses are on trend, but the interesting thing is that these can be in any make or model of shade, actually. Choose your favorite below and discover how they are making their mark across the whole spectrum of eyewear fashion at the moment.


We love these teardrop-shaped, combat-ready, movie-cool sunglasses, stemming from early twentieth century American Air Force need and morphing into a global fashion phenomenon. Originally, Aviator lenses came courtesy of leading brand Ray-Ban, and would have been ‘crystal green’, allowing the airplane pilot wearing them to see objects and enemies clearly against a blue background. Now, these style must-haves are of course available as uber fashionable sunglasses with yellow tint, and can be seen on the faces of anyone with a modicum of style, from movie icons right down to younger people on the street.

The 90s Rectangular Shape

The more sartorially conscious of you may be aware that the 90s are currently making a comeback. This includes glasses with yellow lenses, which were a trendy closet addition at the time. Now, rectangular glasses are back, and pairing them with yellow lenses puts them at the cutting edge of style. Try Michael Kors black rectangle frames with yellow lenses, for example.

Oversized & thick rimmed

Pairing yellow lenses with oversized or thick frames is another combo we’ve seen surging upwards in the world of fashion. Take a look at Farfetch frames as one example; Gucci yellow lens sunglasses are also pretty hot right now, with a number of styles on offer.

Rimless Y2K Sunglasses

Officially back in style are rimless yellow tinted sunglasses, which stem from these classic vintage makes. Known as ‘Y2K’ glasses due to their time of invention, you can still get the originals here and there on websites selling vintage items or in some vintage clothing stores. The originals are actually quite low in cost, although designers are catching up.

Woman wearing orange hue aviator sunglasses

Orange hues

One spin that’s also coming into its own right now is that of slightly more orange hues in place of pure yellow. We really like Versace frames, which are bold, distinctive, and utterly stylish. Check out this list of orange hued sunglass lenses, which includes brands and types such as Ray-Ban’s ‘Aviator Evolve’ and Calvin Klein’s quirky ‘Metal Bar Detail Sunglasses’.

Benefits of wearing yellow tinted sunglasses

As well as looking chic, there are plenty of solid scientific reasons why you would want to choose yellow lens sunglasses over their clear lens counterparts. A little like original aviator green lenses, they are optimum in dark or dim conditions, such as on cloudy days, in fog, or at dawn or dusk. Twilight and other low light situations are the perfect time to sport yellow lenses, as they effectively absorb blue light along with UV light, rendering vision far clearer as well as brighter. Some circumstances which call specifically for this lens color are during activities at the beginning or tail end of the day, such as fishing, an early morning run, or walking to work before, as, or just after the sun rises. Cyclists, too, can find yellow sunglasses beneficial, and you’ll often see athletes in the Tour De France and other high octane two-wheeled events wearing a pair. Yellow tints offer near perfect vision when cycling – find out more in our article on why you should wear sunglasses with yellow lenses.

Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses

Replacement lenses for your yellow sunglasses

You might be concerned about investing in a pair of yellow lens aviators or rimless shades because, if the lenses are scratched, damaged, or otherwise no longer fit for purpose, then you’ll have a hard time replacing those bespoke yellow lenses. Here at Sunglass Fix we’re proud to assert that this just isn’t true – our business is replacing sunglass lenses, yellow tinted ones included. In fact, we offer lenses for all top sunglass brands, in this shade if you would like them. And we also promise:

  • An easy, fast ordering process
  • Free global shipping
  • Prices starting from just US$33.99

Sunglass Fix Lens types

We’re proud to offer the following:

SFx Diamond – our super premium lenses; all the tensile strength of superb polyamide, with a state-of-the-art anti-reflective coating on the inside of them. Get them polarized, with a subtle gradient, or with a light flash mirror. Our stand out, stand alone, supreme option

SFx Ultra – our polarized lenses; one of the strongest yet lightest in the world, integrating leading Japanese polarization film with a wide variety of colors and finishes

SFx Edge – our non-polarized option; durable and lightweight, as well as resistant to scratches and water, with the same optical clarity of glass but at a mere third of the weight.

A variety of lens colors…not just yellow

We provide lenses in every conceivable color of the spectrum, from black to blue, green to gold. We have purple lenses, pink lenses, and various shades of black so that you get to choose the replacement lens that’s just right for you. Some of the shades are dependent upon whether you choose SFx Edge or SFx Ultra, as polarized or non-polarized lenses suit different sorts of activities; our most rarefied and sophisticated color choices are more fitting to the premium SFx Diamond range, so here you’ll find Rose Gold Flash Mirror, Hazel Gradient, and French Blue, for example.

Why Sunglass Fix?

As well as 100% UV protection, our lenses also boast the crystal clear clarity of glass, thanks to the fact that they are composed from state of the art polyamide. If you’re choosing a polarized pair, then we can guarantee 99.9% efficacy, thanks to our cutting edge Japanese technology. And we comply with not just American but also Australian and European safety standards, meaning that our lenses are practical, impermeable, and long-lasting, too.

We also stock over 300k lens models, and in the unlikely event that you’re unable to find the ones you require, then we also offer a bespoke lens replacement service, which will of course be precision engineered. Ordering custom made sunglass lenses is as easy as ordering our ready made solutions – follow the simple instructions on our website and get in touch if you’ve any difficulty at all. It should be an easy process, however, as we’ve tailored our service to suit the needs of sunglass wearers around the world. So, whether it’s ‘mellow yellow’, amber, orange, umber, hazel, or another hue, we’ve definitely got something to suit your requirements as well as your mood.

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