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What Are Polarized Lenses Good For?

"What are polarized lenses anyway? Its a question many are left asking. Some are under the impression that they block UV rays. Others are sure that they filter out all harmful light. A more accurate description is that polarized lenses simply reduce the appearance of glare. If you're getting ready to buy a new pair of sunglasses or replacement sunglass lenses, they're certainly worth consideration. Let's look at why!

What Are Polarized Lenses, and How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized lenses make use of horizontally-oriented filters to prevent horizontally-oriented light, commonly seen as glare, from reaching your eyes.

What Are Polarized Lenses Good For?

There are four major health benefits associated with polarized replacement lenses.

  1. Safety.On sunny days, objects in the distance often appear hazy, and nearby vehicles reflect almost blinding light. Polarized lenses eliminate those effects by blocking reflections, improving eye comfort and allowing you to drive with full eye function. Roadways and water sources are major causes of glare, often posing elements of danger to drivers already struggling with vision. Those with already sensitive eyes are even more likely to experience difficulty as a result of glare, sometimes even developing migraines.

  2. Water sports.Polarized lenses are favorites of aquatic sport enthusiasts, since polarization makes it easier to see into the water. Without polarized lenses, light reflects off the water's surface, but with their help, underwater visibility is vastly improved.

  3. Reduction of eyestrain.Glare is a major culprit of extensive eye strain, but can easily be mitigated with polarized lenses. Squinting to gain vision clarity puts stress on the eyes, sometimes causing redness, irritation, fatigue, or headaches. Polarization can neutralize these problems, helping eyes to feel more comfortable and well-rested.

  4. Stronger vision.Wearers of replacement polarized lenses report better perception of color and images, since they are able to perceive images crisply and clearly in any environment.

Is Replacing Sunglass Lenses with Polarized Lenses Always a Good Idea?

No. Polarized lenses can actually be dangerous in certain circumstances. For example, if you're driving at night, flying a plane, downhill skiing, or viewing an LCD screen, polarization could actually harm your perception. Still, they provide excellent clarity and vision quality in most circumstances for most people. Ask your optician if polarized lenses are a good choice for you. "

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