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What's all the fuss about polarized lenses

Are you wondering what all the fuss is around wearing Polarized lenses? Are you constantly perturbed by excess sun glare? Do you suffer from lack of concentration while driving or fishing, leaving you fuming in the end? It’s time you try polarized lenses and do away with the pesky glares that cause you irritation once and for all?

Polarized lenses have a special anti reflective coating either inserted in the middle of the lens, or more commonly sealed on the outside of the lens and are usually made from plastic or polycarbonate. This special layer is capable of blocking harmful UV rays from 360 degree angles, unlike regular lenses that only block UV rays coming directly at the lens. These lenses help ward off the glare from sideward, upward and downward angles and provide you with clearer views with great visibility in dim, hazy and super sunny conditions. They really are the best all round lens.

Here's why polarized lenses are so popular these days:

1. While fishing:

How often does it happen that you lose out on that fresh stock of sea life, just because the rays of the sun don’t allow you to concentrate well? The glare during peak hours can be a damper and it makes it tough to look beyond a certain point. Polarized lenses thus take good care of all excessive glares and allows you to see deeper into waters when the glare is reduced, so you can see those big fish.

2. While driving:

Polarized lenses are even worn by those who spend too much time in the sun driving. Thus drivers wearing these lenses don’t feel the strain on their eyes, even after driving for long hours. Often, the reflection of the sun from the back window of the car can be annoying, and you tend to lose your focus while being behind the wheel because of that and other glare reflected off the road and buildings around the car. Polarized lenses take care of that and they also come in handy while you are driving on a wet road and need better concentration.

It should be noted that polarized lenses comes with their own limitations, for example, they do not work on snowy surfaces, as the light is reflected in all directions. So you must not use them while skiing or moving downhill.

And now that you know the reasons why you should pick a pair of polarized lenses, don’t wait any longer. We have a new range of Ultimate Polarized Lenses that our customers rave about, so don't wait to buy a new set of polarized sunglasses, get a pair of brand new custom lenses for your sunglasses at TheSunglassFix.

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