Thorberg Lens Replacement
by Sunglass Fix™ Australia

Australian made quality lenses for Thorberg sunglasses

Looking to replace those scratched lenses in your favourite Thorberg sunnies? Look no further.

We are an Australian award-winning company specialising in creating Polyamide lenses for sunglasses. Our Thorberg replacement lenses offer high quality and durability, with 100% UV protection and optical clarity. Find your model, choose your favourite lens colour and give new life to your Thorberg sunglasses with Sunglass Fix™.

Thorberg Sunglass Replacement Lenses by Sunglass Fix
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How to Find Sunglass Fix lenses to Fit Your Thorberg sunglasses

Identify Your Model Number
How to Locate Your Thorberg Sunglass Model Number and Size
Quality Lenses
Sunglass Fix Replacement Lens Quality

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