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How to Tell if Oakley Sunglasses Are Real

Oakley sunglasses are renowned worldwide for their unparalleled style, quality and design. Founded in 1975, Oakley has become a powerhouse in the eyewear industry. Revolutionizing the sports eyewear market and creating iconic looks led to Oakley being embraced as a trusted brand with top-quality sunglasses. 

But how can you tell if your Oakley sunglasses are real and not an Oakleys replica? In this article, we'll equip you with the knowledge needed to be able to tell the difference between clone Oakley sunglasses and the real thing. 

The Rise of Fake Oakley Sunglasses

The allure of Oakley's sleek designs and reputation for a great product has inadvertently given rise to fake Oakleys flooding the market. Counterfeiters capitalize on a desire for the brand’s standout design, providing it without the premium price tag — or the premium quality. Without knowing how to spot fake Oakleys you could end up inadvertently purchasing a pair, as many around the world have done. 

Oakley sunglasses with tinted lenses


Affordability and Availability of Fake Oakley Sunglasses

When considering the dilemma of fake Oakleys vs real ones, keep this saying in mind: ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’. Knockoffs are enticing to those desiring the exclusive Oakley look without the cost that same exclusivity brings. Fakes are often frequently sold well below official prices at market stalls, subway stations and websites worldwide. The wider availability and affordability of these counterfeits have become more pronounced as Oakley's popularity has surged.

The Potential Risks

While the appeal of owning a pair of Oakleys at a fraction of the cost is enticing, it comes with inherent risks. Fake sunglasses often compromise on the quality of materials, impacting both comfort and eye protection. Lenses won’t be as durable and could shatter with greater ease, and it’s the same story for the cheaper and lower quality frames. Knowing how to replace Oakley Lenses in your official frames could save you from permanent eye damage.

How to Spot Fake Oakleys

Distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit sunglasses is crucial to ensure you're getting the authentic Oakley experience. The differences between real and fake may seem subtle, but they mean everything. Let’s take a look at the giveaways which will tell you if a pair is genuine or not.

Oakley sunglasses with logo on arm


Authentic Oakleys are synonymous with uncompromising quality. Examine the build and materials carefully. Genuine Oakley sunglasses boast robust construction, precise detailing, and an impeccable finish. Pay attention to the overall feel, weight, and durability, ensuring they align with Oakley's reputation for top-notch quality. Look out for inconsistencies with the finishing on both the frames and lenses, particularly with any printing — including spelling.


The lenses are a distinctive feature of Oakley sunglasses. Genuine pairs provide crystal-clear vision and robust UV protection, so check to make sure they’re what you expect from an official product and don’t have any tacky stickers on them.

You can scrutinize the etched logo on the lens, a key indicator of authenticity. A non-prescription Oakley lens, for example, will never feature the brand’s ‘O’ icon; although prescription versions may still feature the mark. 

When Oakley sunglasses feature Oakley® Prizm™ Lens technology, the lenses feature a distinctive Prizm logo on either the bottom left corner of the left lens or the top right corner of the right lens.

Not all Oakley frames have this lens technology, however, the ones that do, are easy to tell apart due to the prism feature on lenses and the quality of the lens itself. 

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hinge of black Oakley sunglasses


From sturdy hinges to comfortable nose pads and meticulously crafted frames, authentic Oakleys prioritize durability and comfort. Hinges, a small yet crucial component, are engineered for resilience in genuine Oakley sunglasses. Counterfeit versions may exhibit flimsy hinges that compromise the overall build and will break easily.

Nose Pads

Comfortable nose pads contribute to the overall wearing experience of Oakleys. Genuine pairs prioritize user comfort without compromising style. Counterfeit Oakleys may have uncomfortable or poorly constructed nose pads, affecting both comfort and fit, or have a logo stuck on them when the official model doesn’t. 

SKU number on Oakley sunglasses arm


Inspect the frame for the trademark Oakley precision. Genuine frames have flawless detailing, sturdy construction, and a consistent finish. They’ll have a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number etched into them on either the arm, nose, bridge, or temple. This will be a four-digit number prefaced by “OO” in real pairs and you can search online to check for the number’s authenticity. 

Counterfeit frames may show a false number and have other inconsistencies, rough edges, or be made from poor-quality materials different to those listed on the Oakley website for that model.

I would also be looking out for CE symbols, UKCA markings, Lens size, Bridge & temple size of frame, i.e. 55 o 17  140 and making sure all frame markings are evenly spread out and not bunched together, some fake frame markings can also be printed carelessly on an angle. 


In official packaging the sunglasses themselves will be sitting in either a strong and sturdy  case or a branded pouch adorned with an Oakley logo. 

The outer packaging features a durable box made from strong cardboard, with high-quality printing on the design that shows an image of the product and its associated branding. Details of the lens type, frame model, and color codes should be found along with a product barcode. If the pair you’re looking at buying has inadequate or generic packaging that lacks the attention to detail, they may well be imitation Oakleys.


Familiarizing yourself with authentic pricing from official retailers or the Oakley website will go a long way to helping to spot genuine deals over scams. For instance, if you're ever offered a pair of Frogskins for $50 but have done your research on official pricing, you’ll know they’re likely fake. You can always look up prices on your phone too before making your purchase!

Oakley sunglasses frames

Be Vigilant!

Before heading out into the world and putting your new fake sunglasses identification skills to the test, the main advice we have for you is to be vigilant! 

Distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit products involves assessing quality, scrutinizing lenses, hinges, nose pads, frames, and packaging. Pay attention to pricing and packaging details, ensuring they align with Oakley's standards. Don't be enticed by deals that seem too good to be true.

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