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Product Of The Week - Arnette Wolfman Sunglasses


We have come to love the ever reliable and stylish Arnette sunglasses, as do our customers with Arnette's being one of our big sellers for replacement lenses. The Arnette Wolfman sunglasses are, of course, no exception.  Arnette features many different styles and is known for making durable and highly functional polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and truly protect the eyes.  The Arnette Slides are so durable we get people ordering lenses for their Slides that are 10 plus years old! Every aspect of Arnette eyewear is infused with technology.


Considering everything that the Arnette brand has to offer, it is no surprise to see that we have made a pair of Arnette glasses our Product of the Week.  You can check it out here:

                                                                 TheSunglassFix Replacement Lenses for Arnette Wolfman



If you find that you ever damage any of your lenses for your favorite Arnette Sunglasses, or any other brand, then we can get you replacement lenses shipped for free, anywhere in the world.  We do this because we want you to get the most out of your investment.  Thanks to our fast ordering and delivery process, you can get your replacement lenses quickly, save money and effort all at the same time!




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