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Why Wear Yellow Tinted Sunglass Lenses?

Ever wondered why you'd want to wear yellow tinted lenses in your sunglasses?

If you've ever worn polarized sunglasses, then you already know just how effective they are at reducing glare. Likewise, yellow tinted lenses can also work wonders for improving your overall vision.

Those already contemplating lens replacement or scratched sunglasses repair will be happy to hear that choosing colored lenses is easy, quick and can, of course, help improve their vision. People frequently select yellow tinted lenses due to their ability to absorb both blue as well as ultraviolet light. Athletes and those who just spend a lot of time outdoors will find that yellow tinted lenses do much to enhance overall vision.

UV Light and Yellow Tinted Lenses

Those who spend a good deal of time outdoors at dusk or dawn will find that yellow tinted lenses can help their vision considerably.  Foggy and overcast conditions likewise help make everything you see brighter and clearer, since yellow lenses absorb blue light and UV light. They're great for fishermen out on the water in the wee hours of the morning or when you're playing your favourite sports at dusk like the owner of The Sunglass Fix, Craig Anderson, playing frisbee at dusk and well into the night every Monday evening.

Cyclist Frequently Choose Yellow Tinted Lenses

Those svelte looking cyclists racing around the Tour de France circut face the full range of weather conditions and every type of lighting condition possible. Cyclists frequently choose yellow tinted lenses for the visual clarity that they provide, not just to look good!

In fact, outdoor athletes of all kinds often opt for polarized sunglasses with yellow tinted lenses, as these lenses offer excellent depth perception, as they filter out blue light. This, of course, means that the blue in the sky is also filtered out.

                                                                                 Sports Sunglasses Yellow Tinted Lenses

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