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Amber Forte - Pro Wingsuiter and Sunglass Fix Ambassador

An interview with Amber Forte - Pro Wingsuiter and Sunglass Fix Ambassador 


World record holding Amber Forte is currently the number 1 ranked female wingsuiter in the world. With the world record for the fastest female in a wingsuit, she was also the first female in history to place top 10 at an international FIA performance wingsuit competition and the first female member of the Norwegian national wingsuit team! She is a trail blazer in the sport, holding her own with men and women alike, paving the way for fellow adventurous humans.  

Born and raised in the UK, Amber Forte’s adventurous nature and obsession with skydiving and wing suiting has taken her all over the world.  It was Australia, home of The Sunglass Fix, where Amber first fell in love with Sky Diving and started her journey. It was a different kind of love that has led her to her adoptive home of Norway, finding her partner in life and flying, Espen Fadnes, fellow Wingsuit World Champion, public speaker and adventure addict.  The pair teach together, adventure together and live together.  Whether they are paddleboarding, hiking, swimming or jumping out of planes together, nature is their biggest playground and both are passionate about nature preservation, sustainable energy and protecting our planet.

The past year has been the true test of Amber Forte’s strength.  A serious accident in August 2019 saw Amber crash through a tree and land hard on a beach breaking her femur and dislocating and breaking her spine at the L5.

Her recent 9 hour surgery has set her on a path to recovery and back on track to regain her place in the sport and career as a movie and TV stunt performer.
“This is just part of my journey, it's not surprising I guess when I choose to live a life as I do. I will be back, and hungrier than ever!”

A yoga devotee and nature lover, Amber has embraced her recovery with as much enthusiasm and spirit of adventure as she does the rest of her wild and limit pushing life!  A love of nature and the outdoors has given her much strength and inspiration during her tough recovery driving further home the deep need to protect our environment and make more sustainable choices.

Amber flying with sunglass fix lenses

Tell us what it is you do for work and for fun?

Skydiver, Wingsuit BASE Jumper, Indoor Skydiver 

Tell us a little about how you got What got you to where you are- what lead led you to this moment? 

I left England when I was 18 on a mission to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up in Australia, and did my first skydive when I was 18. After this I moved to New Zealand and ended up pursuing a life as a professional skydiver. Ever since I have been obsessed with flying. I spend every day learning and studying how I can improve.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Progression and learning. 

Where do you look for inspiration in your life? 

Flowing movements with the body. 

Looking back on your career/travels, can you pinpoint your favourite moment in your sport/travels?

My most fond memory in my flying career is when I moved to Norway. This is when things got serious and I took a step further into professionalism within the sport. It felt like my life just began, I found exactly what I wanted to put my energy and time into. 

Where is your favourite place to visit in the outdoors? 

A place in Norway called Romsdalen! It is just the most magnificent place on the planet! 

Amber Forte In Norways Magestic Mountains

How do you make sure you are looking after your body in your sport/ activity?
I train physical strength and cardio as often as I can. I also focus on eating healthily and having enough rest to recover properly.

Do you think it’s important to protect your eyes in your sport & travels? Why?
Of course! Without eyes I cannot do any of what I love!

What are your favourite sunglasses?

Ray Ban :) 

What are your favourite lenses- do you prefer polarised or normal lenses and why?
I like polarised lenses because the world looks more beautiful through them. But, I can’t use them while I am skydiving as it makes me unable to see my altimeter (a small device that I use on my wrist to see what altitude I am at, so that I can open my parachute at a safe height) quite an important part of my equipment.

How do you work to reduce waste in your life and sport/travels?  

I try to use/buy as little as possible. I also avoid eating meat where possible. I am careful with my belongings so that I do not have to replace them very often. 

What does the 'repair revolution' mean to you?

Renewing something that is damaged and avoiding buying an entirely new product. The way things should be done! 

Amber Flying


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