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Arnette AN4089 - Our Product of the Week


You have to love the styling of the Arnette AN4089. There is no way around it, this styling is bold and makes great use of geometry literally at every turn. Great wrap around fit for a number of sports, especially cycling or mountain biking. In short, these polarized sunglasses will get noticed.

                                                                         Arnette AN4089 SFx Product of the Week


The right lenses matter a great deal when selecting a pair of sunglasses, and we definitely put the quality of construction and design at the top of our list when determining our The Sunglass Fix Product of the Week. Check out this weeks pick, AN4089 Here:

The large frame of the Arnette AN4089 like other large frame sunglasses, such as the Ray Ban Wayfarer, work exceptionally well for blocking out sunlight. Another reason that the Arnette AN4089 gets the nod as our Product of the Week is that it pairs very nicely with our polarized lenses. Polarized sunglasses filter out a range of glare and harsh light, meaning that wearers always get the best vision possible.

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