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Bradley Wiggin Celebrates his Tour de France win Wearing Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Each year's Tour de France is an exciting occasion, as this race brings out the best and brightest cyclists from around the world. The 2012 race participants included people from around the world. While Lance Armstrong is no longer racing, there were some very promising riders from the US this year including George Hincapie, Tejay van Garderen, Tom Danielson and Chris Horner. In fact, people are already calling Tom Danielson the ""next Lance Armstrong!""

But have you ever wondered why so many of the cyclists wear similar sports sunglasses? (No, they do not all shop at the same sunglasses store!) There is actually a simple reason behind these similarities and that is that the high-end sunglasses manufacturers clamour to sponsor Tour de France cycling teams and champions like Bradley Wiggins. It's a top event in their calendar to get their latest sunglasses out in on show.


Bradley Wiggins Celebrating with Champagne and Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses!

                                                              Bradley Wiggins Celebrating His Win w/ champagne and sunglasses



Oakley and Rudy Project Polarized Sunglasses



Two companies whose names came up a lot during the Tour de France were Oakley and Rudy Project. Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you all know and some of you already love Oakley. Oakley spends countless dollars to stay on the cutting-edge of sunglasses technology.

Rudy Project specializes in sports sunglasses and markets itself to cyclists as well as fishermen, golfers, and those involved in motorsports. Rudy works to offer special features that benefit cyclists like an ergonomic design and optimal ventilation.

Making Your Sports Sunglasses Last

When you invest in a pair of high-end polarized sunglasses for cycling or for any other reason, you want to ensure that you have made a long-term investment. While Oakley and Rudy Project sunglasses are quite durable, you never know when you might scratch a lens, and we get plenty of customers who are upset that they damaged their lenses but really happy to find high-end aftermarket replacement lenses that don't cost a bomb.

Here's what a customer from Germany had to say:

""These lenses are way better than my original ones.. Thanks for your perfect and kind service and the superb quality.. My next order ( have another oakley ;-) ) will arrive soon. best regards from cloudy germany...Michael Karlsruhe"" GERMANY 15th May, 2012

Ordered lenses for his SFX Ultimate Polarised Silver Mirrored Smoke for Oakley Square Wire

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