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Indy 500 Tributes Dan Wheldon with White Sunglasses

What an awesome way to give tribute to the Indy 500 race car champion, Dan Wheldon. The organizers of the 2012 Indianapolis 500 speedway race on Sunday handed out mock ups of Dan's iconic white sunglasses to celebrate his life and passion on the speedway.

Wheldon, the defending race winner and a two-time champ, was killed in the October finale last season, and the entire day was in honor of D-dub, the fallen champ.

Luckily for Dan three of his best friends were nutting it out for the championship and the Scottsman, Dario Franchitti, came out on top taking the title and etching his name next to his buddy Dan's on the trophy.

Just not sure we can replace the sunglass lenses in these tribute shades though!.

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