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Tiger Woods Wears his Nike Seige2 at The Masters Tournament

There are a lot of things that you can expect to see at the Masters Golf Tournament, which is being held now in August, Georgia April 8-14. You will see some of the world’s greatest golfers, such as 24 year old Russell Henley who is making his Masters Tournament debut, the legendary Tiger Woods, Australia’s Jason Day as well as South Africa’s Tim Clark, and many others. You will also see plenty of savvy sunglasses choices!

Professional golfers know the incredible importance of opting for great eyewear. The right sunglasses can make a tremendous difference out on the golf course. While the golfers come from diverse backgrounds, this a point they all agree upon. When it comes to sunglass lenses, it is tough to beat polarized lenses as they filter out harsh sunlight and glare providing ultra clear vision to see that gold ball. Manufacturers ranging from Nike and Oakley to Arnette and Ray-Ban all manufacture impressive sunglasses lenses including polarized lenses.

What should you do if your sunglass lenses ever become damaged? In the past, people were quick to toss away their sunglasseses f they became scratched, broken or damaged with no options available. But today there are options! That's why we started The Sunglass Fix, to solve your problems by providing high-quality replacement lenses for free anywhere in the world. You’ll get your sunglass lenses quickly and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your sunglasses. You can take that extra money and get out there on the green and have some fun!

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