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What You Should Know About Your Sunglass Lenses

I advise a lot of customers who are interested in replacement lenses for sunglasses, but I'm continually surprised by how little most of them know about the lenses they're ordering. When you make the decision to replace sunglass lenses, there are so many ways to customize your choice. Here, well look at the five major decisions you need to make when replacing sunglass lenses. The more you know about your options, the better able you'll be to pick the right ones.

UV Protection

Sunglasses aren't just meant to look great. They're really there to protect your eyes. UV rays can cause sunburn, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even vision loss. When you pick out replacement lenses for sunglasses, make sure they offer 98-100% UV protection. Without it, your eyes might be in real danger.


Replacement polarized lenses reduce glare, making them ideal for outdoor athletes, drivers, and fishermen. Because they have horizontally oriented filters, they are able to prevent horizontally oriented light from passing through. If it's time for you to consider sunglass lens replacement, polarized lenses might be a great choice. Just make sure they aren't used for nighttime driving or downhill skiing.

Optical Quality

The optical quality of a lens determines how sharp and free of distortion your vision will be. Sports lenses tend to have higher optical quality than fashion lenses, a factor that could be important if you're planning to wear your sunglasses for activities like target shooting or hunting.

Lens Color

Most lenses are gray or brown, but you can also buy replacement lenses for sunglasses in shades of green, yellow, or rose. Green lenses are ideal for general purpose use and outdoor activities, brown lenses improve contrast and are great for helping wearers to judge distance, yellow lenses add clarity in fog, haze or low light, blue and purple lenses improve perception of contours, gray lenses reduce glare, and pink lenses enhance visual depth and reduce eye strain.

Finding the right replacement lenses for your lifestyle can make all the difference in the world for your vision, both now and in the future. Before you order, think about the factors that could change the way you see.

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