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Why The New Ray-Ban Wayfarer are Our Product of the Week.....

Like many of you out there we LOVE the Ray-Ban RB5184 so it's our product of the week. The New Wayfarer takes the DNA of the iconic Wayfarer and infuses it with a spark of new energy. The end result are some pretty hip and stylish sunglasses.

One of the key reasons that we made the RB5184 our Product of the Week is that these sunglasses are highly versatile because there are many different frame colors. When combined with their established good looks and ""go anywhere,” the innovative design makes them a perfect fit for the Product of the Week.


                                                                   SFx Ray Ban RB5184 Lenses Product Of The Week


Adding to their versatility is the fact that these frames work great with polarized lenses. When combined with polarized lenses, the New Wayfarer offers great vision and a great field of view. Well sell way more polarized lenses than any other lens, I guess most of our customers know that these lenses do wonders for filtering out bright light, harsh light and glare of all kinds. If you want the best vision from your sunglasses, then you’ll want to try polarized lenses for glasses. At The Sunglass Fix, we can ship replacement lenses for sunglasses anywhere in the world and save you time and money in the process.

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