- The Sunglass Fix

Got a Break in Your Favorite Shades?

Since Sam Foster created the very first pair in 1929, sunglasses have become extremely popular. Originally known as ""sun cheaters,"" they shade the eyes and block harmful UV rays which can put both the human eye and the thin skin around it at a high risk for cancer. The entrance of polarized sunglasses om the scene, in 1936, set the precedent for UV protection we still use today. Though sunglasses are still designed to protect the eyes, first and foremost, they also serve a second purpose.

Designer sunglasses let you protect yourself and look good doing it. Pairs by designers like Oakley cost as much as $250 even without prescription lenses, but that doesn't make them any less susceptible to the unfortunate scenarios that happen around the world several times a minute. It has been estimated that every 14 seconds, somebody loses, breaks, or sits on their sunglasses. That might not be quite as devastating for those who've bought $1 pairs at discount stores, but it justifiably breaks the hearts of those who have spent half a week's pay.


What Are My Options?

Often times, original manufacturers aren't much help if your sunglasses have broken. Frames can usually only be replaced if they cracked because of a defect, and replacement lenses from the manufacturer can be costly. Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses, for example, cost at least $50.Fortunately, there are other options. For the sake of example, we'll look at Oakley lenses replacement. Other companies that sell high-quality aftermarket replacement lenses are out there, and their products are of equal quality to those sold for higher prices by manufacturers. Though the shapes, colors, and protections are the same, customers don't have to pay for the brand, which often reduces price significantly. A pair of Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses, for example, might cost less than $30 when purchased from an aftermarket company.



How Do I Do It?

If you're feeling up to the challenge, we'll look here at how to replace Oakley lenses in metal and plastic framed shades.

  • Metal Frames

    Using the appropriate screwdriver, loosen the screws enough to remove your lenses. Turn the frames over and grip the lens in one hand and the frame in the other. Pull gently on the frame while pushing upward on the lens until the lens gently pops out. Line up the bottom of the Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses with the bottom of the frame and apply gentle pressure until the lenses pops into the frame. Confirm that the lenses are lying nicely inside the frame before tightening the screws. It might be wise to dab clear nail polish on the screws in order to ensure that they stay in place.
  • Plastic Frames

    With one hand on the frame and the other on the lens, pull the frame and twist the lens gently until the lens is released. If you're unable to extricate the lens, try submerging your glasses in a bowl full of warm water and a couple drops of dish soap for about 30 seconds. Dry the glasses with a clean towel before trying again to remove the lens. It might take as many as five dips in the water bowl to successfully remove the lens. Line up your Oakley sunglasses replacement lenses with the outside grooves in the frames and apply gentle pressure to click the new lenses into place.

The inconvenience of a broken pair of sunglasses is easily remedied, especially now that inexpensive, high-quality replacement lenses are available. Before you panic and spend another $250, try a lens replacement.

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