- The Sunglass Fix

How to Protect Your Vision & Wrinkles Year Round!

At one time, a spa was thought of as being something of a retreat designed for some serious relaxation. But today, the term spa applies to many different treatments in locations ranging from far away exotic locations to your local mall.


Spas have lots of ways to protect and repair your skin, but did you know by wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses can help reduce wrinkles?



That's right, by avoiding the sun at peak hours, wearing a hat, eating more antioxidant rich foods and selecting the right sunglass lenses are all great steps in the right direction. Larger sunglasses frames, such as Wayfarer and Cat Eye sunglasses, will protect more of the area around your eyes and protect the sun damaging the soft skin around the eyes that can lead to wrinkles later on.


                                                               Eye Wrinkles


Also top manufacturers such as D&G, Prada , will provide optimal protection. Those looking for enhance vision will love what polarized sunglasses can do for them. What are polarized sunglasses? They are specifically designed to filter out glare and that means sharper, crisper vision and calm, soft eyes free of wrinkles.



The Sunglass Fix specializes in providing you with polarized sunglass lens replacement wherever you live anywhere in the world. Shipping is always free. Our goal is to save you money and time and let you keep your favorite sunglasses and lovely soft, wrinkle free eyes!


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