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How to remove scratches from sunglasses

After numerous days at the beach your sunglasses take a beating, namely, they get scratched. It’s one of the occupational hazards of living in Australia rather than throwing out your fave pair of Pradas, Guccis or Oakleys, there is a way to get them good as new without spending a fortune.


SOS (Save Our Sunnies)

Many old wives’ tales offer solutions on smoothing out scratched sunglasses lenses and we’ve tried them all out so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found …


Match the Scratch

It’s a common misconception that using an abrasive material to buff or smooth out your scratched sunglasses will work. UV protection is incorporated into most sunglass lenses so if they’re scratched you won’t necessarily be exposing your eyes to an influx of UV rays but good quality, intact lenses offer the best protection.


When it comes to removing scratches from sunglasses there are plenty of techniques that sound good in theory but they’ll potentially ruin your lenses and make the problem worse.



Using toothpaste to remove a scratch sounds good in theory, but in practice? Not so much. Sure, it might smooth out the teensiest scratch from your sunglasses but its abrasive power is low and, frankly, if the scratches are that superficial, you don’t want to risk ruining your otherwise good lenses.


Vinegar and baking soda

These two household items are used to clean and scrub a lot of things, but removing scratches from sunglasses isn’t one of them. You might be lucky and have some improvement but if the chemical and abrasive balance is off you’re at risk of discolouring your lenses. 



Ahem, if you’re that desperate, we have one thing to say: put it down and step away. Yes, sandpaper will remove the scratches but it’ll also scrub off any mirroring and potentially distort polarised lenses. You want to remove the scratches, not add new ones.

Car Wax

Car wax is hailed as a cure all for scratched lenses due to its abrasive and filling qualities. It’s true, it can help to level out the scratch so from a purely cosmetic viewpoint, and you’re good to go. However, if you still want the clarity of your original designer lenses, the wax has a tendency to distort what you see and you’ll lose some of the clarity not to mention the joy you felt from wearing the sunglasses in the first place.


Replace your lenses

So, the solution that works every time? Replacing your sunglass lenses. By fitting brand new lenses into your existing frames, you’ll retain perfect clarity, any mirroring or protective lens coating will be intact, and your eyes will remain fully protected from the sun. With the Sunglass Fix you can replace your scratched sunglasses lenses at a fraction of the cost of buying a new pair, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 


Why spend precious time and energy trying to fill, remove or damage your lenses when you could replace them in an instant. Sunglass Fix has the largest range of high-quality replacement lenses in the world with over 130,000+ models to choose from.


Save your toothpaste for your teeth and replace your scratched sunglasses lenses today.

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