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Judy's *New* Prada SPR13F Sunglasses


Are you someone who just loves your favorite shades? Many of us find a style that fit our face shape perfectly and that we feel really confident in right? But what if you scratch the lens and the manufacturer doesn't make that model or replacement lenses? Then you need to check out the business my husband and I started. We can replace sunglass lenses into tons of designer brands with two sets of lenses. Recently we set Judy up with a new set of replacement lenses that fit her Prada SPF13F. Check out Judy below showing off her *new* Prada shades and her feedback! Thanks Judy, you rock! The SGF team

""You guys are great! I received the replacement lenses today for my favorite discontinued Prada sunglasses. I've looked high and low to find a similar style to buy since the lenses were so badly scratched, but decided to just get replacement lenses instead. I cannot tell you how happy I am!! I was a little hesitant at first to replace the lenses myself, but the instructional videos on how to replace the lenses were very informative and easy to follow. Worked like a charm and now I feel like Christmas has come early. Thanks so much! I will definitely use you again and recommend you to all my friends. Cheers! Judy Buchanan Holmes, Birmingham, AL, USA""

                                                                                 Prada SPR13F Sunglasses

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