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Lance Armstrong Stirs a Crowd at the Panama Triathon with his Oakley Sunglasses

Lance Armstrong may be not be in the Y gen category of athletes but he's still proven that age is no barrier to winning and can be a lethal weapon. His mental maturity and his experience proved too hard to beat at the recent Panama 70.3 Triathon. Lance caused quite a stir when he arrived for a pro meeting pictured below. Naturally the age group athletes were swooning the tent to get a shot or glimpse of the Tour de France cycling champion, and who can blame them!

Lance is an Oakley fan on and off the race track looking casually cool in his Oakley Polarized Titanium Crosswires.

The new Oakley Polarized Titanium Crosswire, with the classic appeal of the Ray-Ban Aviator look combined with the awesome Oakley technSunglass Lenses Saves Baseball Player's Eyeology these look like a killer pair of new release sunglasses by Oakley for both on and off the sports field. We sure hope to provide our customers with some great aftermarket replacement lenses to fit into these Oakleys in the near future.

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