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Ted Potter Jr - What Dreams Are Made Of - PGA Golf Champion Outta The Blue!

From rags to riches, Ted Potter Jr has gone from working in a cart barn, through the mini tour ranks (twice) and the Web.com Tour to the PGA TOUR. Now he's a PGA Tour champion after winning the famous Greenbrier Classic last weekend from out of the blue.

Sport is always full of terrific rags to riches stories, and this guy is certainly near the top of the list. He had years of blows and not making the cut but kept on perservering and beliveing in himself that one day it would happen. And well, now it has and the world is watching in amazement.

We take our hats, and our sunglasses, off to your sheer determination Ted. It really is what makes the difference between winning and losing in many situations. In fact many of our friends and family told us that starting a sunglass lens replacement business was crazy and we shouldn't quit our corporate jobs. Thanks to Craig's perserverance, just like Ted, we worked hard to build The Sunglass Fix and today can live off the business! Thanks to all our customers and we hope you take some inspiration from Ted's story of following his passion and dreams.

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