- The Sunglass Fix

You'll Need Your Shades For All The XGAMES Action



The XGames have something for everyone. Whether you like snowboarding, skiing, Rallycross, BMX stunts, surfing or even snowmobile stunts. the XGames have you covered. The next XGames will be in sunny and warm Barcelona, Spain and is get the crowd roaring with over 200 athletes ready to wow the crowd.



Of course, the XGames are all about outdoor fun, and that means you’ll need to bring your sunglasses. With all the crazy angles the athletes gets you'll want to consider a seriously good pair of polarized sunglasses. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses filter out bright light and glare that comes from 180 degree angle so that you can easily see all the action, which, of course, makes them perfect for something like the XGames.

So if you've got a great set of shades like Ray Ban's, Oakley's or Arnettes that need the lenses replaced for this seasons action then check out our lens search engine to find your sunglass model and we can send you top quality lenses anywhere in the world, at great speed and for free. This way you can see all the action at outdoor events, such as the XGames.



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