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Prada Sunglasses Standout at Paris Fashion Week

Paris is always alive and thriving! But between February 26th and March 6th, the fashion world's superstars showcased some of the very best that the they had to offer. Sunglasses took on a dramatic role on the Paris fashion stage at this year's event, as cleverly designed eyewear helped attract a great deal of attention. Prada has come out with some very bold floral prints for it's spring/summer 2013 collection. Just like the bold, curvy Baroque style a few years ago, if you are wearing these funky sunglasses they would surely be recognized as expensive designer, Prada sunglasses! Great brands such as Prada, Christian Dior and others keep making their mark in fashion year in and year out. This is exactly what we're seeing again in 2013.

                                                                                                             Prada rounded cat-eye style sunglasses


Sunglasses lenses may change, but one fact remains true and unwavering. High-end sunglasses, such as Prada, are a fantastic investment and one that is worth making, as they protect your vision and add greatly to your wardrobe. Protecting your eyewear investment is exactly what we do at The Sunglass Fix. We can save you an enormous amount of money and time when you damage your sunglass lenses. Because the frames are made so well your sunglasses usually outlast your sunglass lenses so if you accidently damage the lenses on your most fashionable accessories, we can send you replacement sunglass lenses. We get them to you fast too so that you'll look your best on the runaway or anywhere else!


Prada with their latest design of a nicely rounded cateye style of sunglasses with a great print, very flattering.

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