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Sun Safety Week June 3-9, 2012 - Got Your Sunglasses Ready?

National Sun Safety week begins this Sunday so are you prepared for this seasons summer UV Rays? It's that time of year that we're all out and about enjoying the warmth of the sun but it can also be damaging to our eyes if we're not prepared with good quality sunglasses with high rated UV protective lenses.

Statistics show that each year more skin cancers are diagnosed than lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer combined, that's over 2 Million per year, a whopping big number for something that is preventable.

Did you know 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime? That's why it's so important to set the example for our children by taking all the safety precautions needed to have safe fun in the sun;

  1. Wear at least 30+ SPF rated sunscreen, even on cloudy days the UV rays can still penetrate your skin
  2. Wear a hat, there are so many great, fashionable options to suit everyone, there are no excuses!
  3. Wear the best quality sunglasses you can buy for yourself and your family, with highly rated UV lenses for the best protection, you also want to avoid crows feet at the edge of your eyes.

According to doctors, while skin cancer is the most prolific form of cancer, it is also the most preventable and the most curable when diagnosed at an early stage. Starting young is the key to prevention because the sun burns young people get today can lead to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage tomorrow.

Take this Sun Safety week as a check to make sure you're all up to date with your sunglasses and hats for summer fun. Most people have perfectly good sunglass frames from the previous summer but may have worn the lenses a little and that's where The Sunglass Fix can help. We make sure you have the best quality, UV rated lenses in your sunglasses and can fit replacement lenses into just about any frame with two sunglass lenses. Check out our lens search engine to find your sunglass model. Don't worry if you don't find it we can still custom cut and install lenses into your sunglasses.

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