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A Spectrum of Hues: All About Color Tinted Sunglass Lenses

In terms of lens options these days, there’s a whole rainbow of colors to choose from. Tints come in every glorious shade, from classy rose to bright, bold blue, energizing green to cooler than cool orange – there are a plethora of colored sunglass lenses to pick and choose from.

However, did you know that certain colors offer very particular benefits and that every tint is, in fact, best suited to particular uses on the part of the wearer? Color does make a difference - and so we thought we’d compile this comprehensive sunglass lens color guide for your information, as a helpful guide when it comes to making a sunglass purchase or when replacing sunglass lenses themselves.

Purpose of Tinted Sunglasses

Why go for any particular lens color? Well, as well as looking stylish, different colors give different benefits to the wearer. It’s literally a case of ‘not just a pretty face’ when it comes to color tinted sunglasses – and we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide so you can weigh up all the advantages of each color before you buy. Read on to find out more, as we traverse a veritable spectrum of sunglass hues…

Yellow sunglass lenses

For the purposes of this article, yellow sunglass lenses are equivalent to amber sunglass lenses, being essentially the same thing. However, amber tinted sunglasses possess a practical use, they increase contrast for the wearer when faced with foggy, hazy, misty, or otherwise smoky or indistinct atmospheric weather conditions. Sunglasses with yellow lenses are also an excellent choice when faced with low light – e.g. dusk, twilight, dawn, overcast and cloudy days, indoor spaces with low, poor, or ambient lighting – as they bring people and items into sharper and more distinct relief.

Orangle Sunglass Lenses

Orange sunglass lenses

Moving on in hue from amber lenses, and leaning in towards red, we look next at orange-tinted sunglasses. Again, these are a cool shade to be seen in, but benefits include the fact that they, too, make items, objects, and people appear more distinct and with a sharper contour. Like yellow, this makes orange sunglass lenses an outstanding and ideal choice for activities that take place indoors, outdoors in the snow, at night, or when driving in mist or fog.

Blue sunglass lenses

We love blue sunglass lenses – so cool and collected. However, blue is also a calming color, which means that blue tints have a soothing effect on the wearer. Technically, blue improves color perception, too, and sharpens the contours of objects, meaning that they are a good choice for situations demanding safety. As with yellows and oranges, blue tinted sunglasses are great in misty, foggy, as well as snowy conditions; quite naturally, they enhance the blue of the sea and sky, irrespective of the weather, so if you’re experiencing a gray day these lenses make the scenery more vibrant, bold, and appealing.

Rose colored sunglasses

Rose colored sunglasses

Rose colored sunglass lenses make the world seem rosier. Rosy hues, like blue, have a calming effect on the psyche, according to color therapists, so this tint can in fact present a rosy worldview on the part of the wearer. But rose tinted sunglasses also block out blue light, thereby increasing the contrast. This gives better visibility, making these lenses a perfect choice for driving. They can also help to block out glare coming from screens, which in turn reduces eye strain. They are an excellent choice, therefore, for gamers and those who love to spend time on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Influencers love rose colored sunglasses, for sure.

Red tinted sunglasses

Red tinted sunglasses, like their rosy compatriots, provide comfort for the eye. Benefits of these ruby hues include increased depth of vision as well as field of vision; enhanced visibility whilst driving; and reduction of eye strain. Although also good for those who use screens – red and rose both work to block out blue light – red sunglass lenses also help the eyes adjust to contrast, making them particularly suitable for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow- and ice-based activities.

green tinted sunglasses

Green tinted lenses

In fashion terms, green tinted sunglasses are a must-have just like their cool blue counterparts, but still, they come with their own particular benefits. They provide superb contrast and excellent color clarity, much more so than the traditional brown lens; they reduce glare and brighten shadows, too, making them the ideal choice for a whole host of sports, such as cycling, skiing, water-based activities, and more. They’re a versatile lens option of tint, good for both sunny and low-light conditions, no matter whether it’s a bright or a foggy day. An all-rounder of a lens, to be sure.

black sunglass lenses

Black or gray tinted lenses

Dark is never dull when it comes to sunglass lenses. Black or gray is another tint that’s good on both sunny as well as less sunny days, making them an ace all-rounder. They reduce glare, particularly the sort that comes from wet road surfaces, so are a fine choice for driving, especially in wetter climes. Black lenses give a true color perception, in addition, so is a favorite of those who love nature and scenery, as this hue allows colors to be seen as they are, without distortion.

Brown tinted sunglasses

Last but not least, we come to that most traditional of tints – brown. Good old brown also does a fine job of shielding out blue light. This tint effectively reduces glare, improves contrast, and increases visual accuracy and acuity. However, brown sunglass lenses are particularly useful when looking out onto blue and green backgrounds, such as sky and field. Now, choose brown when engaging in sports that take place on grass, in the air, or on water e.g., mountain biking, water polo, baseball, fishing, or cross-country running. This is the very best sunglass lens color for golf enthusiasts, of course.

Colored Lenses from Sunglass Fix

Needless to say, Sunglass Fix lens colors are also to be found in a range of hues, from French blue to burnt umber and to bold and bright yellow and green. We stock clear lenses, black lenses, and even mirrored lenses. Our replacement sunglass lenses not only give you every hue, with all the associated benefits of each but for example, our SFx Diamond ultimate lens collection is manufactured from optical grade Polyamide making them long-lasting and very resistant. They possess 100% UV protection and comply with safety standards in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. So, as well as 20 color tints to choose from, you can be sure that our replacement sunglass lenses are keeping your eyes protected wherever and whenever you wear them. And, of course, this sunglass color guide will assist you in deciding on the best tint for you, no matter the weather, terrain, or activity you’ll be engaging in or embarking on. As SunglassFix, we’ve got you covered.

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