Sunglass Fix works hard to make sure every customer is more than satisified with thier purchase. Our guarantee covers:

  1. - Lens Fit       Our lenses perfectly fit the frame model and size they are made for
  2. - Refunds       Six month no question return policy for a full refund
  3. - Defects        One year manufacturer defect warranty *
  4. - Breakage     Lifetime warranty against breakage *
  5. - Delivery       Safe delivery of your lenses


Returns and Exchanges at The Sunglass Fix

Our main goal is to get all customers into a great set of new lenses and restoring your favorite sunnies to ‘like new’ condition. 

We have a few general guidelines to help us resolve mistakes made by ourselves or our customers. 

Sunglass Fix Mistake

We will either provide a full refund, reship your order, or custom cut and install new lenses for you free of charge. We’ll do everything possible to get your sunglasses up and running like new. In most cases where we made a mistake(validated with customer care), orders will be refunded and return shipping will not be required. 

Customer Mistake

There are two options to resolve the problem

  • Return for Refund, or Exchange - Contact us below for specific instructions. Many times this can be handled with a simple exchange once we know what frames you have.
  • Custom Cut and Install - If we don’t already have the lenses you need, you can ship us your frames (with the orignal lenses and incorrectly ordered lenses) and we’ll make and install a pair for you. 

In order for us resolve to quickly resolve your issues, please fill out the form on our site by clicking on the exchange and return button below.


*The Sunglass Fix guarantee does not cover sunglass frames so please watch or read installation instructions carefully. Lifetime breakage guarantee is only applicable to lenses that are not clip-in or drilled-rimless models. Manufacturer defects do not cover normal wear and tear like scratches so be nice to your new lenses. Terms and conditions of guarantee can change at any time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.