Quality Replacement Revo Lenses
by Sunglass Fix™

Australian Made High Quality Lenses For Revo Sunglasses
Breath new life into your favourite sunglasses.
Developed with the highest-grade optical polyamide, our lenses provide perfect clarity and durability to ensure your Revo sunglasses look as good as new. All our lenses offer guaranteed 100% UV block-out and comply with European safety standards. You can customise your lens colour and choose the option of polarised lenses that suit you best. Find your model and choose the best lenses for your Revo sunglasses
Revo Sunglass Replacement Lenses by Sunglass Fix
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Reviews for Revo Sunglass Replacement Lenses

4.7 / 5 251 reviews
07 Jul 2023
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
I recently ordered a new lens for my Revo sunglasses, and I must say I had a fantastic experience! Even though the lens initially arrived slightly smaller than expected, it was no trouble at all to get in touch with the team and resolve the issue. Their customer service was top-notch and they promptly helped me reorder a new pair of lenses. Speaking of the lenses themselves, I am extremely pleased with their quality. They are not only very good, but they are also polarized, which adds a whole new level of clarity to my vision while wearing them. Whether I'm driving, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply strolling around, these lenses provide excellent protection and reduce glare, enhancing my overall experience. One of the best parts of this purchase is that I managed to save a significant amount of money. Instead of buying an entirely new pair of sunglasses, I opted for replacing the lenses. This not only allowed me to maintain the style and comfort of my beloved Revo sunglasses but also proved to be a sustainable choice. By extending the lifespan of my sunglasses through lens replacement, I'm actively contributing to reducing waste and embracing a more environmentally friendly approach. I highly recommend this lens replacement service to anyone looking to upgrade or maintain their sunglasses. With their outstanding customer support, high-quality lenses, and commitment to sustainability, they have exceeded my expectations. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and grateful for the positive experience.
21 Jun 2023
Nikos Gatsouras
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
Quality lenses on a decent price.
27 Apr 2023
Jesús SZ
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
Una gran experiencia con esta empresa, que ofrece un buen producto y un servicio inmejorable. Cometí un error en el pedido de mis lentes y me solucionaron el problema rápidamente y con una respuesta sería! Un 10.
05 Apr 2023
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
The lenses fitted perfectly and were exactly what I wanted. Packaging was sturdy but light. Overall a great option.
03 Apr 2023
Greg K
5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
Great service, delivered and well packaged beyond expectations and inserted without any problem at all.
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