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Brad Pitt Wears $1,250 Sunglasses to Cannes Film Festival!

It's that time of year again when all the stars strut their stuff at the annual Cannes Film Festival held on the French Riviera, arguably one of the world's biggest cinema showcases. Although the US Films didn't do so well this year Brad Pitt certainly made a splash turning up on the red carpet in his mega expensive $1250 Sama Sunglasses. Certainly a great accessory for his black tux that gave off some great reflections in the mirrored sunglass lenses.

Michael Haneke's ""Love"" (Amour) won the coveted Palme d'Or for best picture, with New Zealand-born Andrew Dominik's ""Killing Them Softly"", starring Brad Pitt as a mob enforcer in a recession-hit U.S. city, was popular.

Brad proves that the Ray-Ban Aviator style is still hot for this summer and are true legends when it comes to longevity because the last time he was seen sporting them was back in the early 2000's for his movie Moneyball. The lavish aviator-style sunglasses, are made from 100 percent pure titanium and highly mirrored lenses that are vapor coated in pure 18k rose gold. The style, called ""Black Onyx,"" is also available in yellow gold, platinum and kohl.

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