Ordering Custom Made Lenses


Choose From a Wide Range of Premium Sunglass Lenses

Simply choose the colour and type of lens you’d like - or ask us to colour match to your existing lenses. Gradient, polarized, mirror…it’s your choice.

Mailing in your sunglasses for custom made lenses

You mail in. We mail back. We can also provide a padded box for you to send your sunglasses in. And offer pickup and delivery if you're in Australia.

Our Professional Technicians will Design and Make Premium Lenses for Your Frames

We’ll let you know the moment your sunglasses arrive, before our engineers digitally map your lenses and your frames; designing and refining a new pair of lenses that fit like a glove.

We Professionally Install the lenses, tune up your frame and Mail them back to you

Finally, we’ll carefully install your custom lenses, ensuring a perfect fit and superlative optical clarity. We’ll email you the moment they’re on their way, with full tracking details.


How to Order Custom Made Lenses at Sunglass Fix


Important Information about custom lenses

We can fit polarized lenses into about 90% of sunglasses - some curves just won’t work. We’ll let you know if your choice is not available for your frames.

Packing & Shipping your frames is cost effective and generally safe, but please follow mailing instructions carefully as we can’t take responsibility for lost post or damage in transit.


Shipping information for custom lenses

Customers in Australia can elect to have their frames picked up and delivered back to them once their new lenses are installed. 

Customer outside of Australia, and Australian customers that want faster service, must send their sunglasses to our facilities in Australia for servicing. Customers are charged 7.95 for the return shipment of your sunglasses.

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