From the beginning, we dreamed of Sunglass Fix as an environmentally sustainable business solving a big need in the world; doing something about the hundreds of millions of sunglasses that end up in landfill every year. Over one billion pairs of sunglasses are replaced each year. Of these around a third are still in great condition and could have their lenses replaced. When you do the math, that's a huge volume of waste.

In 2019, we were recognised by APAC Insider as the Most Innovative Sunglass Replacement Lens Manufacturer. We also won the APAC Excellence Award in Environmental Sustainability. And in 2021 we joined up to 1% for the Planet.

When we launched Sunglass Fix in 2006, we were one of the first, globally, to enter the sunglasses replacement lens market. We're continuing to lead the way in innovative practices today. With the help of our high-quality lenses, sunglasses can last so much longer. Which is important, because one of the most effective ways for our throwaway culture to change is if things are made to last.

Our commitment to being green is an intrinsic part of our personal lifestyle. As an environmentally sustainable business, it's also reflected in the way we operate. This means doing things like recycling, minimising waste, using solar panels and re-using wherever we can.

Another way we try and contribute to a sustainable future is by giving back to our community. We sponsor local community and sporting groups, and every month, we give a portion of our profits to local and international charities such as WWF and Greenpeace.

As a Sunglass Fix customer, your support means our sustainability journey can only get bigger and better, which means so much to us.


What We're Doing


We produce more power than we consume with 25KW of solar panels on our roof, which will come in handy when we fulfil our plans to buy an electric vehicle. And of course, our core service is about reducing waste in landfill by encouraging people to reuse and repair their sunnies.


We reuse everything from the bubble wrap that comes with the sunglasses our customers send us to the filter water in our production machinery, which we buy with a minimum 20-year repair guarantee. A lot of our office equipment is second hand, including our warehouse kitchen which was recycled from, our Founder, Craig’s home!


Long before it was a 'thing', we were using recycled paper. We work hard to recycle almost everything possible, producing as little waste as the average household. During our build projects, we source recycled items and materials where we could

Why Sunglass Fix


Free Shipping

With happy customers in over 161 countries, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Tallahassee or Timbuktu, we’ll send your lens to you for free.

Largest Range

Over 130,000. That’s how many lens and sunglass combinations we’ve got. So, brand new or vintage, chances are we’ve got lenses for your sunnies.

Great Value

We precision cut your lenses to order with superlative optics and state of the art coatings and films. But we don’t charge big brand prices.



We want you to enjoy your favourite sunglasses forever. In a disposable society we take environmental sustainability to the heart of everything we do.